Mountain Flight in Nepal

Mountain flight in Nepal

Mountain flight offers you great landscape and east to west Himalaya panoramic views in Nepal. It is one hours duration mountain flight in Nepal, cost is different according to the season basic. It might be took long time by walking, and bus to observation but mountain flight makes it easy travel to within hours for research and enjoy the views of the mountain views of Himalaya Nepal.
Mountain Flight Nepal has long history to taste the grand views of the Himalayan ranges of the Nepal.Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd. is the mountain flight agency in Kathmandu. Mountain flight moves  language Himalayan ranges to the Everest zone of Nepal. From your camera and eyes  can take the spectacular picture.
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Mount Everest 8848 from the  Mountain Flight

Mountain Flight cost in Nepal

Mountain flight is the best fantasy as well as dreamy adventure in Nepal. It is more benefit for the first time  visitors and experience travelers. Fulfill  to see the Himalaya will be coming in a reality by the mountain flight in Nepal.There are different airlines operating the mountain flight early in the morning. Mountain flight beginning from 6:30 AM early in the morning from the international airport at the domestic terminal. Buddha Air, Yeti airlines, Simrik Air, Surya Airlines are the major Airlines operating for the mountain flight in Nepal.Every mountain flight agency fly 1 hours duration for the mountain flight.
Spectacular Himalayan Scenery  form the window of the Mountain flight 

Mountain flight in Nepal , 1 hours from the Kathmandu airport.During this time you will be sky of the kathmandu valley, Langtang himalayan range and Everest himalayan ranges.

epal Mountain Flight Details
Name : Nepal Mountain Flight
Category : Adventure Trips
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Description : About Nepal Mountain Flight
For anyone visiting the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, they first wish to view the popular Himalayas as the name itself suggests. But not everyone may have long holidays or be physically fit to make bear the strenuous trekking to the Himalayas. So, for those Mountain flights offer the alternate by letting you see and ensure a lasting memory of the highest peaks on earth.

Specification : About Mountain Flight Tour
Mountain flight is an hour-long morning flight to the Everest from Kathmandu flown by domestic airlines (operating their small but the safest air craft). This an hour-long flight takes you to the Eastern Himalayan ranges of Nepal, with the views of some of the highest peaks in the world including Mt. Everest(8848m), Shisa Pangma(8013m), Gaurishankar (7134m), Cho Oyu(8201m), Pumori (8171m),Lhotse (8516m) and dozen other peaks and the Tibetan plateau.
A mountain flight is the best way to see Mt. Everest where you're short of time in Nepal. When is it the best time for an Everest Mountain Flight? Though Mountain flight is enjoyed by thousands throughout the year; we would strongly recommend the time from February to April and October & November as a prime time to enjoy the mountain flights. Come join us to see, feel and discover the legendary Himalayas. We also present you the certificate of honor for the trip which we always assure will be beyond ones imagination.

We have following airlines for daily mountain flight:

Buddha Air (1900D Beech Aircraft)
Yeti Airlines (SAAB 340B aircraft/1900D Beach)
Simrik Airlines (1900D Beach)

Boggling sight:
Nepal Mountain FlightWhen the plane takes off and heads towards the east you will see gosiankund also called Shisha Pangma, standing at the majestic height of 8013m. With in a minute to the right of Gosiankund, there appears Dorge Lakpa 6966m.To the right of Dorge Lakpa is Phurbi Chyachu, which looms over the Kathmandu Valley.

As the plane glides along, the mountains come closer and closer. Next the vision is Choba Bhamare, the smallest on of the lot at 5933m. Then appears the mountain that is not only prominent in sight but also in spirituality Gauri Shankar.Lord Shankar [Shiva] and his consort Gauri are said to protect this mountain, at the proud height of 7134m.and summit had a history of unsuccessful attempts till 1979. Gauri -Shankar is sharp and very conspicuous during the mountain flight.

As the plane moves toward the land of the rising sun, the eastern Himalayan, a succession of glorious mountains follow Melungtse, a plateau like mountain, stretches up to 7023m.Chugimago at 6297mis still virgin, waiting to be climbed. At 6956m. Number Mountain resembles a breast, the maternal source in the sky providing pure milk to the Sherpas of the Solukhumbu.

Next is Kayrolung, an intensely white mountain that at 6511m. gleams with the rising sun. Cho-Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the world. Reaching a height of 8201m. It appears stunningly beautiful from the Aircraft. Next in the menu is Gyachungkang, at the majestic height of 7952m. Considered an extremely difficult climb.

To the Right of Gyachungkang is Pomori 7161m. As you get closer to Everest there is Nuptse 7855m. Which means west peak, signifying its direction From Everest. Finally there is Mt. EVEREST 8848 m. itself, known as Sagarmatha by the Nepalese and Chomolungma by the Tibetans. Wetness it face to face during the Mountain flight is something else. Even while in looms there in front of the eyes, it remains an enigma, this majestic spot on Earth.

We are proud to be part of a country, nestled in the laps of the beautiful Himalayas. For many years, people have been drawn by the mystery and beauty that has surrounded them. Now with our Everest Experience flight we make your visit to the highest peak just as easy.

Buddha Air Mountain Flight The "must-see" landmark of Nepal is Mt. Everest-the highest mountain in the world. If you believe that seeing Everest involves a strenuous high altitude trek, then think again! with Buddha Air's spectacular "Everest Experience Flights", coming face to face with this majestic peak is as easy as taking just another flight-at the same fare as any other domestic airlines, with a guaranteed window seat.

Each One will get a seperate window to see glorio Cost for Everest Flight in US $ 182.00 + Airport Tax : $3.00 + Dom. Airport Drop & Pickup : $ 15.00 = Total US $ 200.00 Cost Include Flight insurance also. We pick up you from the Hotel early in the morning.


If flight is cancelled due to weather then we will residual your flight for next morning with extra transportation cost. But if you don't have time for next day then $ US$ 185 you will be refunded.

Marvelous Everest scenery  
Himalayan Darshan from a Mountain flight 

River gorges from the Mountain Flight Nepal

Himalayan world from the Mountain flight
Kathmandu valley to Himalaya combine scenery from the flight of Mountain.

Hidden and beauties himalaya

Middle hills topography

Dreamy Everest himalaya world

fantastic world 

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