Friday, June 8, 2018

Sukute Rafting Package

Sukute Rafting Package

Sukute Beach rafting Package organized by the beach camp of the Sukute Bhotekoshi River. overnight campfire rafting Package into the Sukute beach for those like to River holidays and excursion. Rafting at the Bhotekoshi River and camping at the Sukute river beach become one of the Popular and potential rafting beach where is weekend holidays Package.Overnight suktue campfire rafting Package organized by the Sukute beach rafting agency. Sukute beach rafting package organized by the Sukute River rafting Package agency.It is amazing and Thrilling package for all.
Sukute Rating Package by overnight campfire.  Sukute beach camp and organized by the Sukute
Same day rafting possible any days if you have a group for the rafting. For the group we managed the Jeep, hiace and Mini Bus and Sukute beach Package will be fixed without transportation or with the Transportation. Overnight Campfire with BBQ included in the full board Package. Sukute beach package with rafting or without rafting. It is Both possible, Package trip to the Sukute Beach without rafting and transportation.Green City Travel and Tours(p.)ltd. managed the Sukute beach rafting Package in a Cheap prices. Package include the welcome tea, Snack, BBQ, Dinner at the first days. Second days will be breakfast in the morning then more than 2 hours rafting. Sukute Rafting package for those who like to fresh the heart and soul and by the outdoor recreation  rafting and campfire. Enjoy the DJ Music, Campfire and BBQ and fresh picture of the eyes about the Sukute Package.Even it is not comfortable like a hotel and lodges , it have a different taste and uniqueness. Same day rafting with the launch and transportation cost Rs.2400 NPR on the Sharing Bus. Similarly, Sharing transportation with the full board Sukute Package will be 3500 to Rs. 4000 NPRFor more inquiry about the Sukute Package contact us our Bhotekoshi Sukute Rafting agency. 
Sukute Beach Camp with Rafting
Sukute beach Package with Rafting

How to Book Sukute Beach Package and how to reservation the Rafting and tent with Transportation all details for your info contact our phone number.

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