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Shivapuri hill hiking

Shivapuri hill hiking
Shivapuri hiking is the best hiking around the Kathmandu valley.You can hike with the family,travel partners as a day picnic tours. It is 8 hours hiking trip and access by mirobus from city Bus station,Maharajgunj and Lainchour. Panimuhan is the starting  hiking point for the Shivapuri hills. It cost Rs. 500 NPR for the Shivapuri hiking entrance fee. 
From most of the Kathmandu valley Shivapuri hill visible like a crown of the Kathmandu valley. In my remember ,my first visit in Shivapuri is in 1999 at the picnic party organizing by our village committee. From Budhanilakantha we hiked 3o minutes up to the Panimuhan(At the place of Bipasana). We felt interested the road we followed up to the Nagi gumba(Nunnary). Nice landscape,quiet,visibility of the Kathmandu valley seems peace and intoxication in the thoughs and memory. Actually, we thought different, regenerating and refreshing. We ride a bus from Lainchour near the Milk Dairy at the corner of present Hotel Ambassador site(3 minutes ahead from Indian Embassay). Budhanilakantha also said the Narayan Temple where are most of the Indian Darshan yatri coming to puja and praying than other foreign Nationality.Other international travelers coming this route for the explore the temple and knowing the history and power of the temple than homage and temple. Definitely western travelers like to shivapuri hiking though the Narayan temple after sightseeing around the temple and locality.
My second visit this Shivapuri hills in 2008 with Quanta. That time I been Panimuhan from Chkrapath Maharaj Gunj by micro bus directly to the Pani muhan. Then, she asked me about the flora and fauna about that places. We followed the road from Pani Muhan to Ani Gumpa. We explored the monastery areas and see the chaning by the female monk called nunnery. We drink cup of tea there ,very nice tea still I memorize that days and taste of tea.Third time I been with Rosimere from England just up to the Nagi Monastery. fourth time I been there by my motorbike with Anita who was couch surfing Guest in our house. I drove motorbike from Dhapasi to Nunnery monastery at Shivapuri. I practiced my reki mediation at that time.
Fifth time I been shivapuri top with my family from the right side of the Panimuhan clockwise way.

This country is the garden of the nature from the heaven rainbow coming to decoration here. Rainbow is the colorful light or symbolic enlighten energy. Refreshing air, peaceful environment, fresh air,quietness,visibility the white mountain is the ornaments of the Shivapuri hills. It is quite amazing Baba Shivapuri age the age of the 100 years coming this hills and meditation till 37 years. Shivapuri Baba has magic powers who circle the world for 50 years. If we study  his life we see the amazing  Charismatic powers. I did not know about Shivapuri Baba more even I been top of the Shivapuri hiking. Just I know simply Shivapuri hill and touristic hiking there. How many times I been there I was limited till the Nagi Monasery. I know more about important of  hiking Shivapuri hills after I read about the Sainta  Shivapuri Baba. I also heard the Bagdwar ko jungle, simply I know the direction of actually where it is I did not know but after I get down from top of the Shivapuri hill then I see and Darshan this. When we walked right side of the Panimuhan, there are traditional route of the local people who are come from the back site of the Shivapuri hills. We walked with the local people 45 minutes a head of the top of Shivapuri from there are small trail to go there village.They came to Narayanthan(Budhanilakantha) for shopping and selling their local products such as vegetable and sells local wine called Roxi(Sake). South north part of the Kathmandu,  Shivapuri stand like a Majestic crown of the Kathmandu valley. I studied  in the primary Class valley is the plain place surrounding by the hills. Among the Surrounding hills of Kathmandu valley Shivapuri is the second tallest hills near from the Kathmandu valley.
     We bought ticket in the Panimuhan entrance gate of the shivapuri hills hiking or Shivpuri Darshan. For the Nepali People it is 57 Rupees per person. Simply I understand the definition of the hiking. Hiking is the shortest walking planning for the special purpose. But Shivapuri hiking is like a whole day trekking. Going up and down takes whole day about eight hours. It is one day hiking programme. ‘Shivapuri hiking day tours’ will be another suitable name for the Shivapuri hiking.we bought dry food,Water,Samaosa in the Budhanilakantha.we felt it is like a picnic to hike a Shivapuri Hiking. I like to give new names my own way Shivapuri picnic hike day tours.My children teasing me and satire me that did I take them for the punishment. Really going up is difficult plus it is completely 3-4 hours tightly up even fast walking person. Local people carried daily using things from Budhanilakantha but we are just our own light bag pack but still we feel more tired and walking low speed than that. One of the local girls satire me that before I come with my girl friend now come with family. Actually , I been up to shivpauri top first time. That kind of the joke we forget our tiredness. At the last part of the shivapuri   more sleepy but made stairs. At the top of Shivapuri was Helicopter pad and  Padmasana statute of the  Baba Shivapuri. There are already 2-3 group in the top of the Shivapuri hills. We guessed they are starting from the right side via Nagi Monastery. They will get down the way , where we hike up. According to the Local people there is a festival in Bagdore at the Nepali new year and Janai Purnima. We took picture in the board of the Shivapuri  and Statute of the Shivapuri Baba. We made it , we did it!!. Then we down to the Bagdore takes 20 minutes from the Shivpauri top to the Bagdore. There was a monastery where silence mediation by the Buddhist monk. Was more water tap and water there. I heard Bagdore is the sources of the River Bagmati. At the tap there was a statute of the tiger. Baga means tiger,Dwar means Door. We took photography, look around and getting down. It takes 3 hours more to the Pani muhan that time getting dark. Due to we start late , was getting dark. We recommendation better to start 8-9 Am if you like to go Shivapuri hiking. My family was so tired they said they are not coming again even they get Rs. 5000 Rupees one day Salary. But every body ready to hike there(specially Guide) if they got Rs. 3000 NPR. I privately recommendation to pay Guide salary R$30 in the Shivapuri hiking tours.
Shivapuri hiking is the adventure hiking near from Kathmandu valley. In my trekking and hiking guide experience, trekking are easier than the Shivapuri hiking. Definitely trekking has a longer day than the day hiking tours. If you do the Shivapuri hiking, other trekking are easier. Every trekking route difficult is just 2-3 hours up. So, to test the trekking in other region of Nepal, we highly recommendation the shivapuri hill hiking. I finished the Kanchenjunga trekking to Dolpo trekking already. I found adventure trek in Kathmandu valley without going far from here.
Shivapuri declare national park in 2000 AD. Before that it is recognized the watershed areas. Around the Shivapuri hills there are Tamang inhabitants. Nagarjun and Shivpauri are different hills even they are catorized the Nagarjun Shivapuri hill national park. In my trekking guide life after 18 years , I have chances to go top of the Shivapuri. After I been top , then I know the its important. Hiking and trekking sources are around the Kathmandu valley if no time to go other places trekking.   
Exerciing the body
Refreshing air
Bird watching
Sense of village life

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