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Everest trekking Nepal

Everest trekking Nepal

MTEVERESTREGIONThis region, known as the Solu Khumbu, is famously renowned around the world as the home of the world's highest mountain. Mt. Everest, or Sagarmatha, as it is known in Nepal rises 8,848 meters above sea level. The hike to the base camp (EBC) for climbers seeking to reach that lofty summit attracts trekkers from all over the globe.

Solu Khumbu is the district south and west of Mount Everest. It is populated by Sherpas, an ethnic group that has achieved fame because of the exploits of its men on mountaineering expeditions. Khumbu is the name of the northern half of this region, which includes Everest and many of the world’s >8,000m (26,247 ft) summits. Most of Khumbu is part of Sagarmatha National Park. Solu, the southern portion is less rugged but it has many interesting villages and monasteries.Mt Everest
Forests of pine and hemlock cover the lower elevations of the national park. At elevations of around 3500 meters and above, forests of silver fir, birch, rhododendron and juniper trees are found. These forests provide habitat to at least 118 species of birds, including the Himalayan Monal Pheasant, the Blood Pheasant, the Red-billed and yellow-billed Choughs. Sagarmāthā National Park is also home to a number of rare animal species as well, including musk deer, wild yak, snow leopard, Himalayan black bear and red panda. Himalayan tahr, deer, languar monkeys, hares, mountain foxes, and martens. Himalayan wolves are also found in the park, however, they are rare and reclusive.
Above this zone all vegetation is dwarfed and shrub-like. As the altitude increases, plant life is restricted to lichens and mosses. Plant life ceases to exist at about 5,750 meters (18,860 ft) as this is the permanent snow line in the Himalayas.
The attractions of this region are the majestic mountains, the villages in the high mountain valleys, the associated monasteries, and the legendary inhabitants. But by far, the biggest draw to Solu Khumbu, and to Nepal, for that matter, is the trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC). The other places to experience here include Gorak Shep and Kala Patthar, the Cho La Pass, Gokyo and its lakes, Gokyo Ri, and the Renji Pass to the villages of the Bhote Koshi valley.
There are several trekking options that visit any combination of the above. The four treks that follow have proven to be the most popular, but any trek can be customized to include places or views that interest you. All the trekking described below are within Sagarmatha National Park.
Only a 40 minute flight from Kathmandu, all but a small percentage of the treks to the Solu Khumbu region originate or pass through Lukla, the "Gateway to Mt. Everest", whose tiny airstrip has perhaps the most harrowing approach in the world. If your heart is strong enough for the landing, the trek to Everest should be a walk in the park.
Jokes aside, there are four important considerations in planning a trek into the Khumbu region: Trekking here is more strenuous than in the Annapurna region. The additional cost of air transportation to Lukla makes the trekking a little more expensive. Third, you spend more time at higher altitude in this region. If you gain height too quickly, you have a very real chance of getting Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). The additional acclimatization days built into trekking itineraries here is a routine practice and goes a long way in preventing AMS. Obviously, more days adds cost. If you try to save money and rush the trek, you may get sick, have to turn back, rest or hike a few days at lower elevations to acclimatize properly, and try again (thereby spending the money you tried to save) or, worst case, end up sick enough to abandon the trek altogether and waste a more serious chunk of change. Finally, probably the most common malady is knee pain and strain on the long unforgiving descents. From EBC to Namche you will average a -4.75% grade for two and a half days. Your knees (and ankles) have to be up to the task. You would be wise to train on a hilly trail or walk stairs or bleachers for a month or two before taking on these high mountain trails.

Everest trek reviews:
In 2000 AD, I had first trip in Everest trekking Nepal. Before that i only heard about the everest trekking and behaviour of the Hotel owners for the  trekking guide. Lukla airport going to paved that times , and we flew by helicopter from phaplu to lukla. My trekking clients was from England now i forget almost them because it become more than 12 years. since then, i been Everest trekking many times. some times i just been in Gokyo valley and gokyo. I been many times in Everest base camp since 200 Ad. but i like my first trip and really it is interesting and  memorable. first we take a plane , yeti airlines from Kathmandu to lukla then  we fly helicopter to lukla. we took a launch  at hotel in lukla then heading to next destination Phakding. At that time, there is almost dark because of  the late flight and waiting Many times in lukla. we stay hotel Namaste in phakding then tomorrow continuous to the Namche Bazzar. At that time there are Army check post in Monju for security the  Everest national park. we checked  trekking permit in monju then continued up to the Namche Bazzar. After Jorsallie , we crossed the bridge , again we crossed another bridge which is seemed tallest from the down way. There is a river meeting point, one is coming from Everest base camp and another coming from Thame. from there we walked 2 hours up to the Namche Bazzar. That time was april and some drizzling  also in Namche Bazzar. My clients continues to ask the time to reach namche bazzar. Actually they felt tired, and even walking 5 minutes they are asking to the Time. At last we reached Namche Bazaar and stayed the Hotel Namche. we meet other travellers at the hotel. They were exchanging the views and ideas and some are talking about the guide. I still remember that events in Namche Bazzar ,  there are some trekkers coming to take a big movie camera. i saw , there are look around the Namche bazzar with yak and talking a picture of the Namche village, which is the doorway of the mount Everest. Tomorrow morning we are talking about our destination  where to go. My guest like to go Every places but there is a time limitation. He sometimes said to go Thame, the birth places of the Edmund Hillary  while some times  changing the ideas and suggest me , going to the Everest view hotel and Khumjung. at last , we decided to go Everest view Hotel. we going up from Namche bazaar to the  Everest view HOtel. after reaching up , we saw the San Bouche Airport, which is higher than the simikot airport. Again, we went up to the Hotel Everest view. I surprised first   that we are going to Everest view hotel , the five star Hotel in Everest himalaya. we went inside and stay the another terrace which is outside the Hotel. we Just see the top of the Everest from there. then we drink tea and coffee, there and back to Hotel  Namche in Namche Bazaar. Next day we start trekking after breakfast at 7:30, then climb up and straight to the  village Sanasa. On the way , we saw national flowers of Nepal and National birds Pheasant plus wild goat. After this, we reached the river again there are two river, one is from Gokyo side, another is from a Everest base camp side. we  crossed the River in Phunki Tenga. Stay there and rest and took a Launch as well as. Then  it is a turn to climb up to Tengboche. It took two hours going up to Tengboche  through the forest and up. In the top of  the Hills there are lawns and awesome views on the background Everest, Kantega, Thamserku, Ksum kangaru. we read this is the big monastery and happened the Main rimdu festival every year in april. There are other Guide and fellow travellers as well as try to explain many experience and custom. then we decide to stay down village devouche, 1 hours a head then village pangboche. we rest , relax and see many travellers there  who are dancing , singing, talking and chatting. Actually, trekking is very amusing where is chances to meet Many travellers, different culture , and horizon. for the holidays it is perfect  destination to travel in Everest base camp trekking. after debouche , we slightly up to the pan bouche, then samaru to go next destination Dingboche. There are Many hotels in Dinbouche also this is rest point for the Everest trekkers. Dinbouche also have one day more extra day  to digest the high altitude. It seemed the panorama at the  in front of the  dinbouhce.Our guest and i talking about the next day planning. we decided to go chukung ri next day. we amuse to drink  some wine, actually it was no good in such high altitude to drink. Next day, we went to the Chukung , where beautiful village and Island peak. I felt amazing  to see such beautiful places in the world. Actually , it is the heaven , piece of heaven on the earth. Next day , we decided to go Lilian  which is victinity to kalapather and Gorakshep. Mr. peter , girl friend become little headache, then we some times stop to go up to lobuche. She felt better  after on hours then we decide to go lobuche. after walking 2 hours, we saw amazing mountain Makalu from the ground which is 20 minutes up from the lobouche. we took launch in Thukla then up to the Thukla pass. there are stony way up to the thukla. when we reached thukla there are many grave and memoranda who died in the Everest and on the way. we see the cluster of the mountain on the southern horizon, which is very profound and seemed like a very perfect , really one peace of heaven fall down on the earth. from there way was no up, slightly straight to the lobuche. we stayed hotel National park in lobouche. There are one old man, who was running the Hotel there. next day early in the morning, at 4 o clock dark heading to the Kalapather and Gorkshep. we missed the up and going to the italian camp. we just see the ice there  and everywhere slippery. I put off the shoes and waling basis upon socks. Then we reached the Gorkshep, we didn't go to the kalapather at that time.we back same day  to  lobouche. My guest peter and his girl friend was sleep. we go again gorkshep next day and try to climb up the kalapather. I was heading up, my clients coming . when i been in the top, mr peter ran down very fast from top of the kalapather , why i donot know. His girl friend giving me the uk flag and take a picture in kalapather. I also down from the top, and meet mr peter. I pretend iam sick because he was very strange character.  Next day , we didnot go to the Everest base camp because of the snow. Back down dinbouche. Next night we go to the Phortse village. After phortse , we back to the Namche Bazzar. from Namche Bazzar we back directly to the lukla. Next day, My clients flight to kathmandu, but i couldn't fly because of the  the weather problem. I fly to Jiri by Helicopter then back to kathmandu by tourist bus. This is our first experience in  Everest trekking. since then i have been many times in all parts of the Everest, but i remind my first trip to Everest always.
Everest trekking rough diary:
for the Everest trekking with my booking customer from Norway.I just know the Name of the  Bente but I did not know her  boy friend Name. Before they are coming , I did the Annapurna base camp plus Ghorepani poon hill. I back kathmnandu on 23  september from pokhara  Bente and her boy friend did not gave me the flight detail so, I was little confused which flight they are coming,so I write their name card for pick up them. I did not booking the domestic plane ticket to lukla because I did not got the flight detail. Flight rate to lukla also expensive. Flight company of Nepal increase the prices  $ 40. Now one way flight ticket to lukla cost $162 per person. I wait airport and finally I meet them in 3  pm. They are from the Indian airlines and coming from Goa  to Delhi by flight and again delhi to kathmandu. It is very intresting Goa-Delhi-kathmandu flight for the everest base camp trekking. Then, I welcome them in the airport and manage the taxi to my living places Gongabu kathmandu. I come back by motorbike  then escorting  the taxi to my flat in kathmandu.  I thought I will not go to Everest trekking and still remember the way of the Everest. I remember the morning hiking up to the Kalapather in a chilly cold. Again , I remember  up hills of the Namche after Jorsalle. In my memories  see the picture of the ascend  to Synboache from Namche early in the morning before breakfast. Not only that, I see in my eyes  way of the Thukla to lobouche which is stony  and up plus hot sunrise. So, I felt little tired already or monotonous of the same way of the Everest trekking.
   So, I decided to send My colleagues guide  Mr. shiva and phone him. But he  told me,he have no time for that. He have another customer on October 3 for the Everest base camp and kalapather trekking. I cannot trust other unrecognized person for the trekking in Everest. So, as my profession as a trekking guide, I choose or decided to go Everest trekking. I mentality prepared  for Everest kalapather trekking with  my  online booking clients. I Again thinking the flight delay of the lukla  because of the could. I many times experience flight to lukla up and down randomly because of the cloudy. Any way My job is trekking guide in Everest region as well as other areas of Nepal. Finally I booked the ticket of the  lukla and paying $ 700 usd  for two clients and mine. 8:30 pm on 26  September 26, 2013 our flight secdule made on 25 september 2013 booking ticket on lukla flight connection agency kathmandu Nepal. In the Evening time we celebrations with tuburog Beer on the occasion of the starting of  Everest kalapather trekking. With my  trekkers guest and family with mutton soup and rice.

Day 01,September 26- Flight from kathmandu to lukla:
Today I got up early in the morning at 5 A.M. Then preparation for the breakfast. I make a planning  7:30 A. M. for the airport. Bente and her boy friend still sleep there. At 6:30 we took the breakfast then preparation for  the airport. In the morning time no traffic in Katmandu, so easily we reached airport 8 P.M. Then we Show the ticket at the Tara airlines lukla counter. They give us boarding pass  to  fly the lukla. We wait our turn to flight lukla about half and hours. At 9 A.M. announcing our flight to lukla. Then we ride a  airport bus to  catch up the flight. I give information our  clients  from the left windows there will nice views of the langtang  and Everest Himalayan ranges. But left side was already full. Our plane fly and already on the sky of the kathmandu. Through the way of the Bhaktapur  and Nagarkot plane fly to lukla. After that we see the Banepa towns then other middle hills. Every where houses on the hilly side when we glance from  the window of the plane. I was in the front seat near the back to the pilot seat and emergency door. I see captain and assistant pilot. In my flight experience kathmantu to lukla, this is the best flight experience. Very professionally way pilot fly the  plane from Katmandu to lukla. I appreciated that careful ideas  to fly plane to lukla. After arrival lukla in 30 minutes  fly, we wait for the bag  pack. Then we go to the hotel paradise for the fix returning ticket confirmation  and reservation the room after come back from  the Everest base camp trekking. I look the ticket once again,  but there was flight date to lukla to kathmandu was  10  October. Oh! Flight booking company in Katmandu miss that. So, I stop the lukla in paradise hotel , then phone to the Flight connection office at Katmandu. They ask me the flight number  then I give all them. Then they told me, they will manage me  on 7 october lukla to kathmandu.  Then iam heading to the phakding from lukla. Actually it only take 3 hours down to phakding. We did not take breakfast in lukla because our flight was late and we ate in the room in Katmandu. I repair the shoes in lukla and buy socks  then we are checking our permits and inform the valuable things  in lukla such as iphone, laptop etc.  There are ox carrying the loads and disturbing the ways. My customer walking slowly. They are busy taking a picture and walking slowly. We arrive for the launch in the Thadokoshi. Still we have no sure to stay in the phakding. Our trekking friend take Dhal bhat and  veg  fried potatoes ,cup of tea in the launch there. After launch we walking to the Ghat. We meet some individual trekkers walking very  fast. Suppose they  reached the base camp within 4 days. We reached phakding  and  I heard some body calling me. I turned my head, then I recognized the friend guide whom I know 4 years before.  Then we beginning to walk. My customer asking me how far next places  and name of this. I told him distance between Phakding to Tuk Tuk  is only 30 minutes. Then we stay hotel near the small brook where I stay 2 years before also. The hotel owners know  me and told the previous meeting talking. Really iam now at the Everest region trekking after 2 years.  I meet two engineer  who come  Everest region to set up the 3G for the internet connection.

Day 2, September 27:   Phakding Tuk Tuk to Namche BAzzar:
Today wake up early in the morning at 7. Then hurriedly brushes the teeth and going to the breakfast order for the guest. They order oat porridge and Toast jam honey when I order just plane toast with tea. I dream to do internet in the Namche Bazzar and good shower.  Still I have to take a Everest National park fee in monju. Way is not difficult but we have to climb up 900m to the Namche bazzar from the phakding. Our guest walking speed is ok. I  check the permit in monju  then heading to the jorsallae. It was already 11 o clock still 3 hours remaining to go Namche Bazzar.  Then I stop for the launch at jorsallie. My Guest order Dhat bhat and Cheese fried potatoes. I eat again Dhat bhat. After finished we crossing first bridge after army checking. Then beaches of the Dhodh koshi we are going to anoter bridge. Where one bridge was recently open over the old bridge. From down that looks very nice and attractive. We rest look and enjoy and meeting many trekkers and travelers of the Everest trekking. Then we crossing the bridge even little scary.then slowly up to the Everest viewing rest places before the namche. My clients asking the ways and hours. I told them 1 hours and slightly up. Then we reached Namche bazzar at 3 o clock. I stay in Hotel moon light even it is highest point and little steeply  form the main bazzar section of the Namche Bazar. We reached the hotel and waiting for the room. Just there was workers, they phone the boss. Then I managed the room for my customer friend. In the hotel another Japanese customer trekkers with his Guide I meet. Guide was from the recognized  friend company. Also Guide house  is in Gorkha. Then, we beginning to talking friendly . he told us the stories about his sponsor the japan, singpoure  and thilland traveling 1 months. Hotel owners amuses with him and calling Gurung(family name of the gurung community). They have a that rest day in namche Bazzar. We enjoy the dinner in namche bazzar with hotel moon light family. I orientation the my clients tomorro’s programme for the sunrise views and Everest himalyaan ranges. Before breakfast sunrise views form the park headquarters of the  Namche Bazzar. Then  talking about political, tourism and economic issue about the  Nepal. Then I felt very sleepy  then go to bed.

Day 3, Rest day and excursions  in Namche Bazzar:
  Already some light from the window. I felt lazy to wake up but I have to wake up for the Guest. Because I told last  night meeting in  the dinning. I look watch, going to 6 o’clock. Then wear jacket  and walking to the dinning.  Nobody was wake up. Bente and her boy friend coming after 10 minutes. We went to the park of the Everest national park. Was cold little bit and small breeze. Kongde  and other ranges was clear was no sunshine. In the museum lawns we saw just few foreigners taking a picture. There was no many people. Bente take a pickture of the Everest and look around we come back hotel. Japaenese guide was already wake up  for heading to the  Tanbouche. My customer order the breakfast. I take just tea and toast. They eat oat porridge and veg Soup. Then they go to sleep in the morning because no enough sleep. I went Saturday market in Namche Bazzar. I feel little bit deharadyition  and tired. Then I buy juice to drink in Saturday market in namche bazzar. Then asking  the prizes of the daily using things, surprisingly it is very expensive than Katmandu. Trader said , it cost 150 per kilo transportation in plane. 1 kilos sugar cost NPR 200 while in kathmandu it cost only 70 Rupees per kilos. It is ridicules I buy pop corn which was ready made and  cost  was 60 rupees per mana. Then I back to hotel and beginning to internet  and chatting. In quarter to 11 ,my customer coming  then we go to synbouache  , looking the transportation by helicopter. At 1 o clock we come back in hotel  and eat Dha bhat. Again going to the liquid bar to see the documentary of the Everest. Then I felt tired come to hotel some time sleep. Then customer coming to order dinner. Talking with cook of the hotel and other workers  different subject. Then eating rice curry and chicken then going to bed to say good night to the hotel owners.

Day 4, September 29:  Namche to tanbouche , Debouche:
Morning views was cloudy I saw from the dinning. It is not clear like yesterday morning. Hotel owners in Namche Bazzar said  , early morning was good. My guest ask me how is the weather on the way trekking to Tanbouche. Then I told them “ will be changing and forecasting. On the way again sunshine  and visibility Mt. Everest, Amadabalam, Thamaserkhu, Kantega, Kongde.  In morning time I was fresh then yesterday. I felt very tired even rest day in Namche bazzar. I think it is because of the less sleep or altitude. One the way I meet the same girls whom I saw before the Namche Bazzar, she was Nepali and citizenship of the England. She together this time with another Guide single clients. I speak with her and talking about other trekking region of Nepal.she immediately answers me she is from London and have no time further traveling. Again I ask the cross question to her- if you are in Nepal,  do you like to visit Everest region. She answers witty she was small at that time. I again said that- is it fashion to trekking? She denied this things. She said it is not fashion, we just like to escape busy society.she boldly told that. I said again it is due to the globalization of the Nepalese society. Many student of  Nepal have been different country when they like to visit  Nepal they become like a tourist. Then she quiet and give continues her walking. I like to share the previous trekking experience with her. She seemed interesting to listen. I heard  journey will be short if something interesting.    Her Guide is also from the Gorkha, we introduced with each other. Other Nepalese and foreign  ladies also bring the Guide with package  for the Base camp Everest and kalapather trekking. We stop for the launch in  Pukni Thaga and more introduce and talking. It is still take 2 hours to reach the Tanbouhe because way is up completely in a zig zag way. After launch in punki Thanka, we register the army checkpoint   and 12  A.m we beginning to climbing. At 2 pm we reached the Tabouche and visit the monastery. There are making a new houses  in Tashi Dole lodges in Tanbouche. We talk about the helicopter crash in lukla and few plane in kathmandu to lukla.Many hotel owners are worried about  the  October season. I finally go to the Debouche from the Tanbouche  and stay paradise lodges. We again talking about the  tourism and  other concerning things then after Dinner rice curry , I went to bed and write some memorize and experience  in bed room.then felt very tired , tomorrow have to wake up early in the morning. Then I close my lap top and sleep inside the sleeping bag.

Day 5, September 30: Debouche to Dinbouche Everest base camp trekking day:

Morning I woke up 6 o clock, today we have to go to the dinbouche which is 300 m difference in a height. My customer trekker still sleep. I told them wake up 7 and breakfast 7:30 Am. They told last night , I will knock the door to wake up them.  I donot like to disturb them because today is no far way just 4 hours distance if continues and slowly.  In 7 o’clock Bente husband coming and said no enough sleep and I suggested sleep till 8 o clock. Iam busy writing previous days diary about the views from Namche to Debouche. From Debouhe no much views see as from Tanbouche seeing. I see mt.  kusum kangaroo and some parts of the mount.  Thamaserkhu. I ask the milk tea and  beginning to write article. Some body talking about development mission about sanitation and water drinking programmed, I heard this. Some rough and poor woman coming there, then  one talkative man said get out, but the hotel owners said No to do like this. Mane pe me hu. Then hotel owners offers the warm milk tea to that woman. Somewhere God is hidden in the trouble heart.  My clinets wake up at half past eight then ordered the apple oat porridge then apple pancake. Hotel owners said me also apple pancake. After breakfast we beginning to walk. There was land slide and bridge was broken . from another side, next  wooden bridge was constructed. We walk slowly up and meeting many Everest trekkers one the way. In the ascend after crossing bridge, I meet one recognized Guide  and said just hello. Again the beginning door of the panbouche, I meet another guide whom I did not identity before  but ask  me how many clients I have. I said just 2. I realized many people, many opinion.  There was covers mt.Amadabalam, Lhotse, Lhotse sar,Thamaserkhu by clouds when we reached Panbouche. My clients buy the mineral water in the grocery shop which is big. I did not speak with him even recognized. Then I walk up and making a planning In a mind launch in somare. Still took 1 and half hours but my clients rest and drinking water stairs by stairs.  On the trail some disturbing by the Yak and Gothe. I see some people walking slowly and come back because of the sickness.  At last we arrive at somber then meet the previous meeting trekkers and trekking Guide. Nepalese trekkers who are from England was little sick and her fellow friend message  her gently. When we arrive for the launch other travelers going to leave to Dinbouche. After eat Dhal bhat we moved to the Dinbouche. Launch places person request me to go her hotel Sherpa land for the accommodation. I   said ok but I like to go family houses. On the way sherpani  didi  talk about her marriage relationship with outdide the khumu people who was cooked since 10 years in that region. I wait my clinets before the  dinbouche,, they told me they walking slowly because they are fear to sick Everest base camp trekking. I accept their reality and sensibility. Then I arrive in hotel family house and ask to the hotel owners –Can we get accommodation? He said smilingly yes. Then we talk about the business and relationship  as well as ideas. Mr. Barunima the excellent person in the khumbu , in my glaze he is very knowledgably person. Who have many inspiration, motivation  in business. We talk about many business man, helicopter company man and nature. Mainly one trekking agency boss who earned very much in short time period. I feel tired and go to bed, tomorrow is our rest day in Dinbouhe so, I felt  comfort for tomorrow.   

Day 6, October 1:: Rest day in Dinbouche in Everest base camp trekking

In my 14 years experience in the Everest base camp trek as a Trekking Guide, there are two rest places for the acclimatization. After Namche bazzar rest day , another rest day are literally Dinbouche  or Pheriche. It is said that second  rest day in Everest base camp trekking. As usual I wake up  6 o clock , my room already lightening by the morning rays of the light. My trekkers customer said last night they will sleep till 9 o clock. Actually, today it is likes a rest day . I beginning to write  previous days activities in the morning. I heard  all the guide are already in dinning room. After finished writing Everest trekking feelings or daily activities I go to the dinning then ask for a cup of tea. Then I ask the breakfast , because my guest  still sleep and wake up hours later. I take chapti and curry in a breakfast. The girls from chez  republic waiting the helicopter , but was cloudy. She wrote something. When I said about that she  said going to writing a book. Then I ask her write about me. Then she told , I have to said some things. Then I beginning to express my history of the trekking in Nepal and first time in Everest base camp trekking. Then my customer coming and I order breakfast for them. After breakfast we going to climb the hils for the preparation  for the base camp of the Everest. Narshinga hills people said top is height 5080m but we just in middle and back to the hotel. I went cyber just 5 minutes because it is very expensive. Then I talk some people about the life and transporation , business. Then come back to hotel , enjoy singing. People are worried about the kalapather views   because of the bad weather  “cloudy”. Tomorrow are going to lobouche , this is our 7 the day. I feel little tired and like to go bed, then said good bye for the customer. I ordered breakfast at 7:20 tomorrow.

Day 7, October 3, 2013: Dinbouche to Lobouhe:
It is our 7 days in Everest trekking, specially for the Everest base camp trekking. Still we have 4 days  to back lukla and 2 days to  Everest base camp and 3 days to reach kalapather and back pheriche. Actual hours to reach to lobouche is 4 hours from Dinbouche. Some people passes the kambala to reach the lobouche at the height 4990 m from sea level. Thukla is the main point of the launch from Dinbouche. We arrived Thukla at 11 o clock then launch their.  After  that slowly walk up to the Thukla pass where is many monuments from the different travelers or climbers of the Everest. Many tourist and trekkers take the photograpy their and if good views  nice views of the Amadabalam, Bruntse and other mountain will visible. Our clients used  to ask me how much further for the lobouche, I said to them just one hours. Little windy and tiredness I feel. Even the way is not difficult. At last we arrived in hotel sherepa lobouche. We meet previous travelers and trekkers in the hotel. Just 2 o clock , how time will passed. Then I beginning to write biography  of the Nepalese communist leaders to kill time. Talking with other trekkers in different topic and sharing  my experience of Everest trekking , was become the Dhal Bhat time. After Dhat bhat I order the breakfast of the guest , at 7 o’clock  morning They order veg fried potatoes and oat poordige. After some time I ready to bed in the dinning.
Day 8, October 4, Lobouche to Gorakshep-Everest base camp-Loboche
My clients wake up early but they are not at dining for the breakfast. They are outside  and looking the weather. I Just said to them good morning, they also said this. Actually they are more clever than this  or more sensible for the altitude sickness or AMS. I remember their behavior at the time of the paying money  for the Everest base camp trekking. Bank already give the receive for them, how much money they want from the credit card , but they count more than 2 times. After breakfast they slept more than 2 hours. At 11 o clock they wake up and agree to go Everest base camp. I hope to they will  stay in Gorkashep but they do not stay there after come back from the Everest base camp trekking. Very tiredly with some headache we reached to the base camp and very hurriedly we make picture with them. We feel comfort when back from the Everest base camp. It was slightly down in comparison to going up. When come back to Gorkshep from base camp after 1 hours come back from the Everest then our clients said again back to lobouche. With torch light  slowly come back to the lobouche.

Day 9, October 5, Lobouche to panbouche: It is easy way  and down all the way to panbouche. 4900m to 3800m down. So that it is 1100 M down , 4 hours easily to the pancouche. From there also visible Everest peak, Lhotse  and mt. Lhotse sar. I learn dumpling the mo Mo when I stay in the Hotel Everest.

Day 10, October 6, Panbouche to Namche Bazzar: This day also My clinets feel sick and slowly we reached the Namche  Bazzar. At the Phunki Thanga we take Launch , then slowly up to the kyngma after that reached to the Namche Bazzar.

Day 11, October 6, Namche Bazzar to Lukla:
It is the same way down , and way was still slippery . we take a launch in Phakding  then slowly to the Lukla. Staying in the Hotel Paradise.

Day 12, October7, Flight from Lukla to Kathmandu:

Luckily our flight was first, at the phase 5. Regularly flight coming , we felt happy to regular fight from Kathmandu to lukla and lukla to Kathmandu. We come back room in Kathmandu and drink Beer  for the celebrations the finished trekking. 

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Upper mustang trekking
 For experience the Nepalese life and culture.
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