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mustang trekking Nepal

Upper mustang Jeep tours trek Nepal

Mustang tour land cruiser and Jeep rental, Mustang tour permit and jeep reservation, hiring guide permit jeep for mustang tour and trek
Mustang landcruiser jeep  rental
Mustang tour landcruiser jeep rental with mustang tour and permit managed agency Kathmandu.
Upper mustang Popular as the Jeep safari tours this time because of the road connection to lomnathnag and korolla border. Land cruiser upper mustang trek and tour package and Jeep safari mustang tours and trek Package organized by the Jeep and landcuirser rental travel agency Nepal.6 night 7 days jeep hire tour and trek to the upper mustang Popular than the just mustang trek package.However for the foreign traveler it is compulsion the buy reservation permit and guide with the landcruiser. Even there are road connection still upper mustang remain the restricated trekking areas. Upper mustang trekking in Nepal most popular trekking areas where is you encounter the Tibetan people and Tibet  outside the boundary of the Tibet. Upper mustang has this time mixed jeep and Landruiser trip and walking. after finished the all parts of the upper mustang trekkers like to come back by hiring a jeep and landcruiser. Nepali travellers like to all the way up to jeep and down the jeep from Lomangthang to Kathmandu. we designed 6 night 7 days jeep tour itinerary to 12 night 13 days trek itinerary without jeep and land cruiser for upper mustang trek and tours. 
Upper mustang trek and tour package Nepal

Upper musatng trekking is one of the spectacular and fascinating trekking  from the cultural, religious, and geographical views. It is well protected for the culture and religion and ruled by the local king of its capital Lomanthang. Lomannthang  is the completely forbidden kingdom and visitors had not allowed untill 1992. Pristine tibetan culture, People, Ancient tibetan village, Rare Buddhist art and culture  and High Himalayas deserts are the major significant uniqueness of the mustang trekking.
Upper mustang trekking lies in the Trans-Himalayan part of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan ranges. Due to less touchable that region it remains the mysterious and its merits and virginity  makes more charming and Amazing. Barren landscape of eroded  sandstone massif scatter haphazardly . Every afternoon whispering wind flying the  dust of sandstone and mud. Because of the land shadow area it is the less rain falling area of Nepal. 
The people of the mustang area  is the completely Tibetan origin, migrated from the tibet many century ago, they are in the communities of the loba and Bhotias. upper mustang area is well protected tibetan culture only one in nepal. Thy practice the sakyapa buddhist practice. The house and monasteries of this area are absolutely traditional and medieval which is made of sun-ripe  mud and stone. Occupation of the local people are pasture, agriculture and Tourism. Mostly there are Buckwheat, barely, potatoes are usual production . 
March, April,May, june, july, August, September, October and early November are the best season of the mustang trekking. it is occupy major village kagbeni, Chaile, Geling, Charang, Lo-mangthang, Gami. Mustang trekking is fit for the age up to 7o. there is no need previous trekking experience, just need a fit physical body. per day require to walk 5-6  hours.
Horse riding upper mustang instead of the Jeep and trek
Itineraries  of the mustang Trek:
  1. Arrive in kathamndu, then trasfer to hotel
  2. Sightseeing in kathmandu valley and preparation for the trekking
  3. Drive to kathmandu to pokhara
  4. pokhara to Jomsom by flight and trek to kagbeni.
  5. Enter restricted Area
  6. 5.Kagbeni to Chalie 3050 meter, 5:30 hours
  7. 6. chalie to Geling 3500m, 6 hours
  8. 7.Geling to Charang 3620m. walking 6 hours
  9. 8.Charang to Lo-manthang3840m walking 4 hours
  10. 9.Rest day and explore the lomangthang. 
  11. 10. Trek down to lomangthang to Ghami,5:30 hrs
  12. 11.Ghami-Samar.6 hours
  13. 12.samar to kagbeni, 6 hours
  14. Exit restricted point of upper mustang
  15. 13. Kagbeni to jomsom, 3 hours
  16. 14.jomsom to fly back pokhara.
  17. 15. pokhara to drive to kathmandu. farewell dinner of the trek
  18. 16. departure of your home
Itinerary of the upper mustang trek will be updating if there are jeep and land-cruiser hiring for the upper mustang safari tours.Upper mustang trekking itinerary modified according to the hire and rent a Car and Landcruiser. from the jomsom to Lomangthang , it is 73 km road distance. And beni to jomsom is 78 km long road distance. Due to the world heritage sties and road upper mustang is Popular for the Jeep and safari tours.Populr travel sites listed upper mustang is the best travel destination in the world.   
Best of upper mustang trek

Mustang trekking permit cost:
Upper mustang trekking is the expensive restriction areas trekking in the views of the issue permit and cost. It need minimum 2 people  to authorize apply the permit.  upper mustang  trekking permit cost $500 usd per person.for 10 days. Annapurna conservation area permit is  the another documentation for the upper mustang trekking because when check in and check out have to go from the ways of the Annapurna trekking areas. 
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Tiji festival in mustang trekking, mustang trekking permit, forbidden kingdom  in Nepal, manaslu Nepal detail itinerary.

Upper mustang trekking Guide prices:
For the upper mustang trekking it is important hire a  government register trekking guide. In the package programmae there is included the prices of the trekking guide as well as. 
 Upper Mustang trekking season: May, June, July, September, October, November
Upper Mustang trekking guide: license holder trekking guide from the government of the tourism of Nepal. 
Upper mustang package trekking cost: 10 days upper mustang trekking cost $1500 per person. 
process of the upper mustang trekking permit:
Upper mustang trekking only authorized to get the license holder trekking agency in Nepal. After got  the trekkers advance and photocopy of the Passport and two pp size photo then trekking agency apply their updating  official documentation  to the immigration office and Nepal Rastrya bank. In the official document of the trekking agency there are tax, vat clear certificate or renew, all trekking agency authorized document, food list of the trekkers and insurance of the field staff. After all the things ready for the permit, then it will be issue after trekkers coming in Nepal. Why this is , because it need a showing original passport in immigration staff to check valid or authorized passport.  
Upper mustang trekking guide: we have experience trekking guide of the upper mustang who can explain the tour itinerary, places, culture, ethnic group and history of the mustang trekking Nepal. if you like to go upper mustang in Tiji festival you can reservation the trip so that it will be easy to be there in proper time. 
Upper mustang trekking permit:
There are needed two types of the document for the upper mustang trekking. It is essential minimum 10 days permit. starting and finished point of the upper mustang trekking is Annapurna Kagbeni 3  hours down from the Muktinath , a holy and scarce places. so second important document is Annapurna conservation area entry fee which cost Rs. 2000 NPR.

Upper mustang trekking preparation:
1. For the upper mustang trekking there is need original passport at the time of the application, so it need a 2 or 3 days time in kathmandu after your arrival. Generally it take 1 full days for the making a restriction permit of the upper mustang. At that time , we provide the sightseeing in kathmandu valley. 
2. Advance before arrive in Nepal because booking in advance hotel in pokhara , flight ticket to jomsom, making a annpaurna conservation permit  and arrange the mustang trekking guide. 
3,  Insurance paper which is very important at the time of the emergency. Trekking equipment, such as down jacket,Gloves,  
Hire and rent jeep landcruiser for mustang trek
Itinerary of the upper mustang trek can be modified many ways. if you ride a jeep from kagbeni to 

chusang  you will be 10 AM in chusang then walk to Samaar. Then, you can walk samar to Ghami as well as Ghami to Lomanthang. You can down to Chusang within 2 days from Lomangthang. Then chusang to Jomsom by walk or jeep. so, we make 6 days itinerary also if you ride some part jeep to lomangthang. Itinerary still can be shorter if you use jeep all the way up and come. 
I posted my itinerary of upper mustang at the time of travel there on september 16 to the upper mustang. 

My travel itinerary of upper mustang trekking:
16 September jomsom to Chuang ride a jeep. i reach 3 Pm jeep then reached there 5 Pm
17 September 2015, Chusang to Lomanthang-I ride 8 A.M Jeep from chusang, arrive 1pm lomangthang.
18 September 2015 i rest and sightseeing in Lomangthang., sightseeing in Chosar and Lomangthang monastery and village. 
19. Lomangthang to Chusang then again jeep to Jomsom, we take launch at synbouchen. 
20. September i ride a bus to Beni , then again bus to pokhara from Beni. 

Upper mustang trekking cost: Upper mustang trekking will be different according to the style of the operating. There is the cost of the upper mustang trekking permit, cost of the upper mustang trek guide, Transportation  cost of the upper mustang trek, food and accommodation cost, full board package cost ,service package cost. upper mustang trekking cost include the service tax, vat. As iam Nepali trekkers for me no need a trek permit of upper mustang, Annapurna conservation fee and tims card so i  used permit money for food, Accommodation and transportation. 

Preparation of the upper mustang trekking:
Call or email us about the upper mustang trek, then after  satisfied the price then can do the confirmation. 
Send the advance 200 usd  for processing the  document, advance for the field staff. 
After arrive pay the full amount and original passport for the final processing of the restriction permit. 

What kind of the document need for the trekking agency to apply upper mustang the restriction permit?
All kinds of the legal document of the agency: such as license from tourism, Company Register certificate, pan and vat certificate, Rastrya bank's dollar exchange certificate, Tax clear certificate, trekking guide license, field staff certificate. 

Why i trek the upper mustang?
I did  Annapurna circuit trek on 1998  first time. Many times i meet many group of upper musang in kagbeni. Many time i desire to go upper mustang after finished Annapurna trekking but time didnot favor me. I  heard from Boarder of Tibet to Lomangthang there are jeep service for transportation. More than that i become more curious about the tibetan culture with local king there. I read many forum and blog about the upper mustang trek and Lomanthang.During the period of the trekking guide in Nepal i been Many places but not upper mustang, so i look the chance to go there to explore so that i could give the good information to the traveler about the culture, geography, and lifestyle of upper mustang. Another things, for Nepalese people no need a permit, Timms card, Annapurna conservation fee, then i encourage go to upper mustang trekking as a Nepali tourist. Then i did this trip on  September  2015, i still like to go there i n Tiji festival 2016. I heard from May 4,5,6 Tiji festival celebration in upper mustang. I hope time favor me participation the tiji festival 2016.

Why upper mustang trekking:
Tibetan culture inside the boarder of Nepal
Annual tiji festival trekking
Restriction trekking in Nepal

Photo Gallery of the upper mustang trekking:
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How to book mustang trek Nepal

Best upper mustang trek itinerary

mustang trek Nepal

From manaslu trekking to go upper mustang trek have to pass the throng la from Dharapani. Dharapani is the ending point of the manaslu trek.
upper mustang trekking

Upper mustang trekking

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