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FAQ about Nepal Trekking

Faq about Nepal trekking

  1. How fit do i need for a Trek?

    For the trekking basic things is able to walking 5-6 hours per day.Before doing a trekking it would be good if you  running,swimming, jogging, tread it will be enough help. 
 Is it need a previous Experience for the Trekking?
   no need a previous experience, if you are physically fit. 
.Is there any age bar for the Trekking?
-most important things are physically healthy and fit. people can trek in nepal up to 75 very easily if they are healthy. for this people it is better per day 3 hours walking. 

.Is it possible to Trek with the Kids?
possible to trek with the kids, normally 6-7 years more, it is no need a trekking permit below to 10 years. There are himalayan valley which  is easier with the kids, such as jomsom muktinath trekking, short trekking from pokhara, short trekking from a kathmandu. 

What to do if i sick?
mountains and high altitude some feelings of headache , dizziness .That time you need more rest and drink a water. normally headache happened at the first or second climbing day. but if it is more and more, you have to stop. again if no recovered you have to go down with the guide. if there is other some serious sickness we have to rescue  by a helicopter.
.Who pays for the helicopter rescue and hospital charge?
- YOu have to pay from your insurance , so, before you come to nepal, you preparation your insurance  document. 

.Do you accept credit card?
 we accept the credit card or visa card. in nepal we accept travel cheque, from the credit card there is deduct 4 % your money. 
 is it possible hiring a trekking equipment?
yes, there are lots of trekking shop in Katmandu, you can easily hire a sleeping bag, rucksack Bag and other equipment.

is there phone possible to communication home or friend?
  Every point of the tea houses there are possible phone. now a days some places of the trekking mobile phone working. In the Everest base camp and Annapurna base camp  there are available satellite phone. 
 what kind of the drinking water i uses?
    There are find a bottle water,it is  very expensive, secondly it is pollution in the mountain. now a days in the Annapurna base camp banned a mineral water bottle, there is a filter boiled water. we give recommendation  Take a good bottle, filled a tap water and iodine. 
. Can i trek in the monsoon season?
    There are rain shadow area where is profusion of the wild flowers as well as very wothful for the trekking. upper mustang, upper dolpa are the popular places for the trekking. 
 can i charge my video camera, digitial camera in the Trekking?
   most of the trekking area have a electricity facility. you can charge the batteries. They cost you 2$ or 3$ per hours. 
.how will i book the trekking?
   You can write about which trekking you like. for the confirm you have to send some money from the western union or bank transfer. 
 Do i need a extra days for the unknowing  strike, flight cancellation?
   yes, it would be great and efficient if you have 1 or 2 days extra beside the activities . 
lets go tot he tibetan village manaslu trekking in Nepal which is popular trek in Nepal. 

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