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About Nepal

Quick facts about Nepal

Quick facts about Nepal
location:Between nepal and china

Area: 1,47181 sq km

Population:26 million

capital city: kathmandu(1.5 million)

People: Brahmins, chhetris, Newars, Tibetans, Gurungs, Magars, 

Tamangs, Bhotias, sherpa, Limbus, Rais


80% Hindu, 15% Buddhist, 3% muslims, and rest of the other.
Government:Federal democracy republic

Nepal has the glorious history, it is record from the 5th century , at the time of the Mandev, in the chugunarayan inscriptions.mandev and Aunsubrma are the highlighted figure of the Lichhabi period. from the 12 century to 1768 there are  ruled by the malla kings in kathmandu valley. They have  the diffrent kingdom, and they fight for their expansion territory and principles. At that time there are east india company in india, nepals inter political condition are  danger so, king prithvi narayan shah winning the kathmandu valley.
    Since 1846, there are ruled by the rana till 1950. At the great effort of the nepali people, 1950 democracy is coming.  In the 1960 again king take the power and directly rule in Nepal.  again in 2004 king Gyandenra take the power of his hand, than again there are protestation and republic nepal are announced in 2008. 

Nepal is like a brick shape east west , it is extened 885 km and breatdh of nepal is 110 to 210. in the northern site of nepal, there are himalayan ranges, 
Nepal has three geographic land. Horizontally divided Himalayan , middle hills, and teari. 
Different kind of the flora and fauna find in nepal. 

world heritage site
In nepal there are 10 world heritage site. 7 word heritage site lies in kathamndu within 30 km. It is the fascinating  world heritage site with medieval art. 

world heritage site(cultural)

  • Kathmandu Durbar square
  • changunarayan Temple
  • Pahsuptainath Temple
  • Bouddhanath Temple
  • Lumbini 
  • swoyambhunath stupa
  • Bhaktapur Durbar square
  • Patan Durbar square

world heritage site (Natural)
Chitwan National park(932 sq km)
Everest national Park(1148 sq km)

National park and conservation Area
Chitwan National park(932 sq km)
Everest National Park(1148 sq Km)
Rara National Park(106 sq km)
Bardiya National Park(968 sq km)
Langtang National Park(1710 sq km)
Shey phoksundo National Park(3555 sq km)
Khaptd National Park(225 sq km)
Makalu Barun National park and conservation Area(2330 sq km)

Conservation Area
  • Annapurna conservation Area(26oo sq km)
  • Kanchanjunga conservation Area(2035 sq km)
  • Manaslu conservation area(1663 sq km)

Climate and clothing
According to climate there are different nepalis life style and Agriculture production. In the high altitude there are oat, buckwheat, potatoes are good, also people wear the thick clothese. In the inner valleys like a kathmandu and pokhara there are modest type of the temperature, according to the season there are affected the life style.
   According to the altitude there are Troptical, subtroptical, alpine, subalpine, arctic type of the climate found. 

People from the tibet mangolid people from the tibet, indo Ayran people from the India. 

Nepal has more festival during the year. In the  october major festival for the hindu Dashain and Tihar celebrated. Holi(march), Chitra Daisan (april), Harodobhini Ekadashi(November), The Gai jatra(August), Maha shivaratri(march), Krishna jyanti(August-september), Buddhist festival are Mani rimdu(November) in solu khumbu, buddha jayanti(may)in kathmandu, Losar(Tibetan new year(fefruary) in syambhunath, jawlakhel and himalayan highland communities.  

Even in nepal there are more linguistic group , main official language is nepali. Educated people normally speak English. In nepal there are 70 different language and dialects. 

There are more than 80% people are hindu, 2% muslims, 15 % buddhist, rest of them are other. Here are religious harmonious between buddhist and hindu. Now nepal become the secular religion country. 

 main  profession of the Nepali people are the agriculture, more than 80% people are involve in the  agriculture. After agriculture there are government service, pastoral and husbandry , from the tourism 15% of the National income. Even nepal is second big country in the agriculture, there is no abundant production, in the dry season there are  400 mw in-abundant.Now a days nepal going to become the Transits  point, it is the opportunity for the nepalese economic development.
    Also himalayan alpine meadows there are herbs and shrubs medicine, it is the major source of the income  as well as.  

Why come to Nepal??

nepal is the diversity country in every aspects there are different religion, variety of the topography. Religious harmony. 
world deepest gorges kaligandaki. 8 mountain higher than 8000m among the 14 in the world.small country but more than 70 ethnic group and 92 speaking language among the 26 million population in the world.  it is the birth place of lord buddha. mt. everest which is the highest mountain in the world. 
   Nepal is the place where 2% of plant found, 8% of the total bird in the world. more than 300 spec-ices of the orchid.  600 indigenous plant family.
There are many popular  trekking route  in nepal and adventurous  climbing  peaks in nepal. Annapurna trekking, Everest Trekking is the famous Trekking in nepal. There are popular trekking pass, island peak, mera peak, pisang peak are famous in the world. 
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Nepal is the country where is enough and multipul diversity of the colorful people and landscape. Nepal even small country, it offering you boundless activity and taste

manaslu trekking become the number one popular tea house trek in Nepal

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