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Everst view Trek-14 days

Everest view trek

Everest view trekking means  observing the Mount. Everest from the Namche Bazzar, Tanbouche monastery while Everest base camp trekking means you will be base camp of the Everest and kalapather. Everest view trekking is shorter than Everest base camp trekking. if you are Everest base camp trekking you will be both Everest view and Everest base camp. 

Why People do Everest view trekking ?
-if some body have no enough time to go Everest base camp  and they like to see Everest peak and other Everest himalaya views with in 15 km air distance. and there are many other region to do this trekking. Namche Bazzar, Khumjung  and Khunde village, Tanbouche monastery are the anicient tibetan tribe sherpa people's houses. if people feel nice and have enough time with same permit they can extension the Everest view trek to Everest base camp trekking. Actually if 4-5 days more time you can do the Everest base camp. 

Why Namche Bazzar and Tanbouche are called Everest view trekking?
from Namche Bazzar , Tanbouche and panbouche is the main point to see the Everest after Gorkshep. or Either you have to go kalapather -Gorkshep to see the Mount. Everest which is the closes view point of the Mount. Everest. From the Everest base camp there is no possible to see the Mount Everest top. Far from Everest base camp still Everest region Namche, panbouche, Tanbouche are the near point to see the Everest himalayan ranges. so, that places categorized the Everest view trekking. 

Kalapathar: Kalapather is the nearest view point of the Mount. Everest. At this time there are web cab so that one can see the live of weather need 3 days extra in compare to other Everest view trek itinerary which is only limited up to the Dinbouche.  

Fact of Everest view trekking in Nepal

Total days in Nepal:14
Trek days:-10
Trekking style:Tea house trekking
Max height :3900m.
Highlighted in the Everest view trek:-Adventurous flight from Kathmandu to lukla, Namche Bazaar, Everest view hotel, Tengboche monastery, Sherpa culture, Everest panoramic ranges: Mount. Everest, mt. Kantega, Lhotse, Lhotse shar, Island peak, Tabouche peak, Amadabalam, Thamaserkhu, Ksum kangaru, mt. Kongde
The Everest view trek: Everest region have multiple option for traveling and hiking. we now schedule the mini trek for those have no time and desire to see everest nearer than other places. Namche bazaar is the most attractive places which is short and best. Namche is the main junction of the Sherpa village, it is trading point. Every  saturday there is a market festival, from down to lukla, around lukla, up from namche Bazaar coming to namche festival to buy and sell the things. above the namche there are sanbou the airport, sometime small plane is landing, near to airport there are Everest view hotel, from there panoramic views can observe. Tabouche, Lhotse, Lhotse shar, Mt. everest can be see. it will be the very wothhful time to be there sherpa village and excellent views of the Everest himalaya.  One can see the khumjung village where is Edmund hillary gifted school, monastery, Near the Khumjung there are Everest view hotel. we can see the sanbouche monastery which is highest airport in the world. There are Yak breeding center  near the khunde village. we can make the flexible itinerary for the Everest view trekking in Nepal. 

Everest view trek itinerary  
Arrival in Nepal, Tribhuvan international airport, our staff welcome you in the nepalese style, then transfer to hotel.
  1. sightseeing in kathmandu valley: world heritage site in kathmandu valley and preparation for the trek
  2. spectacular flight from kathmandu to lukla , it takes 45 minutes. now a days it is categories as a adventurous flight and airport.Then trek to phakding.
  3. Phakding to Namche Bazaar
  4. Rest day in namche bazzar, then sightrip to Thame.
  5. Namche bazzar to Tanbouche, observe the monastery, enjoy the views of everest view, kantega,Thamasrkhu, Tabouche etc.
  6. Tanbouche to khumjung village, then see the khumjung village.
  7. Khumjung to lukla
  8. lukla to kathmandu. 
  9. kathmandu , then celebration your farewell party in kathmandu. 
  10. Departure your onwards destination.
if you extension the Everest view trekking to the Everest base camp trekking, we can design the itinerary. Normally this itinerary will be working very effectively. 
  1. sightseeing in kathmandu valley: world heritage site in kathmandu valley and preparation for the trek
  2. spectacular flight from kathmandu to lukla , it takes 45 minutes. now a days it is categories as a adventurous flight and airport.Then trek to phakding.
  3. Phakding to Namche Bazaar
  4. Rest day in namche bazzar, then sightrip to Thame.
  5. Namche bazzar to Tanbouche, observe the monastery, enjoy the views of everest view, kantega,Thamasrkhu, Tabouche etc.
  6. Tanbouche to Dinbouche
  7. Dinbouche to Chukung and back to Dinbouche over night stay or rest day there
  8. Dinbouche to Lobouche
  9. Lobouche to Everst base camp after Gorakshep then back to Gorkshep after EBC. 
  10. Gorkshep to Kalapather then trek down to pheriche
  11. Pheriche to Namche BAzzar
  12. Namche Bazzar to Lukla
  13. lukla to flight Kathmandu. 
cost include:
1.Experience guide, salary, his insurance.
2.Three times meals with accommodation in mountain.
3. flight ticket, and land transfer. 
cost Exclude:
1. personal nature expense.
2. all kinds of the Beverage.
3. Airport tax, visa fee, international ticket.
4. Tips for the field staff(expected)

Faq about the Everest view trekking in Nepal

1. How much cost or prices for the Everest view trek?
-Prices or cost is different according to the service and facility. if you like to service  for the trekking prices are different while full board package about the trip in Everest view, it cost or prices have different. Ask as by email about the prices of the Everest view trek, we are ready to answer your question immediately.

2. What is the Guide service and package service for the Everest view trekking?
-Guide service means company or trekking agency managed you the professional trekking guide,  Timms card and National park entry fee which is important trekking document and flight ticket to lukla. In this package include the Guide food, salary, accommodation. if you happy from the service from the guide , you can give him the tips.

3. how much cost flight kathmandu to lukla and lukla to kathmandu , round way?
- Flight cost to lukla $140 usd but according to the recent news , it will be increase the prices to fly kathmandu to lukla and will be $ 170 usd one way. but still it  has not authorised. 

Reviews of  Everest view trek:
When i was class four student ,i heard first time Everest  is the English name of Sagarmatha. I further heard that first time in the summit success by the Edmund Hillary. George Everest who found the height of the mount Everest while Nepalese historian Baburam Acharya give name top peak in the world sagarmatha. I myself very curious to view the mount Everest very near. My dream of view Everest come true or fulfill when  i got golden opportunity Everest view trek as a Guide in 1999. first day we flew from kathmandu to lukla, which was  tremendous adventures flight  i took first time in the life. After landed in the lukla airport , we down to the Dhdth koshi river, Again we meet Thado koshi river near the village Ghat. then continuously trekking to view the mount Everest. first day we stayed in Phakding tea house hotel in phakding. Then next day reached in Namche Bazzar. Before Namche bazar there are 1  hours up way with the alpine trees , Yak. first time we saw mount. Everest little bit up to the Bridge after 30 minutes walk from Jorsalle and crossing highest bridge. Day third was our rest day and been to Everest view Hotel  to see the face to face Everest. Oh! our dream fulfill, we become very profound to see Amadabalam and mount Everest from the Synbouche and Everest view Hotel. we took tea and coffee in Everest view hotel. I heard it is five star hotel opening by the Japanese. Then next day , we went to the Tenbouche where is big monastery , we further heard it is big monastery in the Khumbu and Mani rimdhu festival happened every spring march and april. we are not only views of the Everest , we see Everest himalayan ranges where is dominated by the mount Everest , there are another excellent himalayan panoroma. As a whole even we say everest view trekking, there are another beautiful mountain such as Mount. Amadabalem is more awesome and towring to the sky and seemed challenging to the Mount. Everest. Another days we back to namche Bazzar , and amuse the trip of the Everest view then come back to lukla. Next morning once again we see langtang and Everest Himalaya ranges from the plane.  
Booking tips for  Everest view trekking from your country:
Everest view trekking starts from lukla and end from there. There are fly in From Kathmandu to lukla and lukla to Kathmandu. so, it is better to have a extra days if in-case  plane cancellation by the weather. You have to give the time duration to travel in Nepal as well as arrival and departure details. After this you booked the trip by giving advance which you can send by the western  union, Bank transfer etc. Advance of the Everest view trekking generally $200 usd .Why advance for the Everest veiw trekking? first things have to book the flight ticket to Everest region and second things making a trekking document for the Everest view trekking. similarly fixed the time and making sure to do there are system of giving advance. 
Everest view trekking guide:
Everest view trekking permit:
Everest view trekking flight:
Everest view trekking package cost:
Everest view trekking service cost:

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