Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nepal -India-Tibet,Trekking, Tour Holidays programmae

Nepal is the Himalayan country,1000km of himalaya ranges spread from east to west Nepal. There are hidden Himalayan valley, lake, mountain, many sunrise view point. In nepal there are long trek to short trekking. multiple culture, biodiversity are the significant things in nepal. some popular trekking in nepal:-

  • Restricated area trekking in Nepal
In the restricted trekking area there is need a special permission from the government.It is organize by the government authorized agency in nepal.
   Upper mustang trek
  • camping Trekking In nepal:camping trekking have their categories. some camping trekking needed a special permit. In nepal there are two region where is a restricated area and expensive, need a permit for the 10 days usd 500$. But in the lower dolpa, manasulu, makalu, dhaulagiri cost low prices even it need a special permit. 
Manaslu circiut Trek

Tibet is the autonomous region of china.Most of the northern region of nepal is tibet. Everest is the big pillar  boarder of nepal and Tibet. There are everest base camp  in the tibetan side, cultural buddhist city lasha, famous pilgrimage places Mt. Kalish, Mansarovar lake etc. some important tibet tour as given bellows:-

Bhutan is the country which is east north part of nepal. Almost people are bouddhist in bhutan. There are special permit needed to go bhutan. There are compulsory  spent the 200$ per day by the tourist, so comparatively it is expensive trekking than tibet and Nepal

Island peak climbing 
Trekking guide in Nepal
Mountains  home  is running by the home stay family in Nepal kathmandu. Home stay in Nepal give you the best ideas of the explore the Nepalese culture by giving face to face and eyewitness experience.  lets home stay in Nepal for  grab  the opportunity  to study the Nepalese life style. 
Kathmandu to Bhutan tour package

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