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Tour / Trek Information of Bhutan

Nepal to Bhutan trek tour information

Bhutan - perhaps the last bastion of the Mahayana Buddhism in the Himalayas, located in the great Himalayan range has total area of 47,000 sq. feet. Bhutan is bounded by Tibetan regions of China in the north & the sweltering plains of India in the south. This mountainous kingdom is well defined by the name Last Shangri-La or Land of the Thunder Dragon. The remarkable feature of Bhutan is its varied climatic conditions ranging from the sub-tropical to the cold reaches of the almost 25,000 ft snow-capped mountain ranges of the Tibetan border.

Bhutan can be best considered as a paradise having population around 0.6 million only. Bhutan is, therefore, thinly populated country which follows Mahayana Buddhism. People of the Bhutan adopt traditional way of life & it is known for their UN-spoilt ancient cultures and traditions. Religion is still away of life & the past is still the present for them. In 1974, the Kingdom was opened for tourists by Jigme Singye Wangchuk, who is present king of Bhutan under a careful regulated programme. Prior to 1991, in Bhutan, the tourism industry was operated by government under one corporation. But in 1991, in order to regulate the industry, it was privatized partially with a Tourism Authority of Bhutan formed.

Bhutan is rich in its natural assets & also one of the last areas still pristine in all its nature. The main remarkable features of Bhutan includes untainted flora, un-hunted fauna, rare botanical plants, the colorful bird-life & so on. The scenic beauty of the countryside is really a treat for every young & old. There people celebrate colorful festivals with mask dances depicting its rich cultural past. The great Himalayan ranges in the background definitely deserves a visit.

Nepal, Tibet & Sikkim all are best destinations for tourism, all concentrated in the same belt of the Himalayas. Each country offers you rich & unique culture with their histories dating back as far as 2,500 B.C. People & nature live together with harmony & obviously, great for the adventurous & to explore wonderful natural beauty.

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