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Upper mustang trekking

Upper mustang trekking 

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Tiji festival is the annual events of  upper mustang which falls in the month of May every year. Day will be difference every year. In 2014 tiji festival was on May 16,17,18 and 2015 Tiji festival will be on may 4,5,6. If you only like upper mustang trekking you can choice any date. If your date match this time you have two benefits upper mustang plus tiji festival trekking. 
Trekking days of Upper mustang
12 days itinerary or walking days of upper mustang
Jomsom-Kagbeni, Kagbeni-chusang or chele, Chele -synboache, Synbouche-Ghami, Ghami-Charang,Charang-Lomangthang,Rest day in Lomangthang and go to Chosar for cave and monasery, Lomangthang to Dhakmar via Ghar monastery, Dhakmar to synbouche, synboche to Chele, Chele to Kagbeni, kagbeni to Jomsom then fly or bus to Pokhara. 
Going upper mustang by trekking and come back by Jeep
8 days upper mustang trekking itinerary walk up and come back by jeep
Jomsom-Chele, Chele-synbouche, synbouche-Ghami,Ghami -Charang, Charang - Lomangthang, rest day Lomangthang visit Chosar, Lomangthang to Chusang by Jeep then changing jeep to Jomsom.
Palace of local king of upper mustang at Lomangthang(capital of upper mustang)-Jigme Bahadur Bista

Upper mustang trekking is one of the spectacular and fascinating trekking  from the cultural, religious, and geographical views. It is well protected for the culture and religion and ruled by the local king of its capital Lomanthang. Lomannthang  is the completely forbidden kingdom and visitors had not allowed until 1992. Pristine Tibetan culture, People, Ancient Tibetan village, Rare Buddhist art and culture  and High Himalayas deserts are the major significant uniqueness of the mustang trekking.
Memoranda leave by Mustang king who cannot appear in Lomangthang at the time  tiji festival 2014 because of sick and old

Upper mustang trekking lies in the Trans-Himalayan part of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan ranges. Due to less touchable that region it remains the mysterious and its merits and virginity  makes more charming and Amazing. Barren landscape of eroded  sandstone massif scatter haphazardly . Every afternoon whispering wind flying the  dust of sandstone and mud. Because of the land shadow area it is the less rain falling area of Nepal. 
The people of the mustang area  is the completely Tibetan origin, migrated from the Tibet many century ago, they are in the communities of the loba and Bhotias. upper mustang area is well protected Tibetan culture only one in nepal. Thy practice the sakyapa buddhist practice. The house and monasteries of this area are absolutely traditional and medieval which is made of sun-ripe  mud and stone. Occupation of the local people are pasture, agriculture and Tourism. Mostly there are Buckwheat, barely, potatoes are usual production . 

March, April,May, June, July, August, September, October and early November are the best season of the mustang trekking. it is occupy major village kagbeni, Chaile, Geling, Charang, Lo-mangthang, Gami. Mustang trekking is fit for the age up to 7o. there is no need previous trekking experience, just need a fit physical body. per day require to walk 5-6  hours. 

Trekking permit cost in upper mustang: 
For the first 10 days per person us $500 and After 10 days per day per person Us $ 50. permit cannot issue individually by the trekkers it need a trekking agency in Nepal. 
Land scape of upper mustang as well as Jeep and trail route before Lomangthang

What kinds of the Document needed for the Trekking agency to get the upper mustang trekking permit?
-All company authorized document  photo copy, foreign exchange renew certificate, Latest tax clear certificate, Food list  for the trekkers in agency letter head, letter of the Rastrya bank of Nepal , 500 usd currency for 10 days payment in Dollar account in Rastraya Bank, Mustang trekking guide's insurance paper then got the upper mustang trekking permit.mustang  trekking permit issue only in group , so minimum it is necessary 2 people in a group. 
Upper mustang trekking Itinerary will be different according to the trekkers walking speed, Time. There is possible tailor made itinerary of the upper mustang. Trekking starting point is from Jomsom, the district headquarters of the mustang district. First check point of the upper mustang trekking is Kagbeni which is 3 hours walking distance from Jomsom. Actually itinerary affects by the transportation system,  anyway trekking days are counted  when you fly from pokhara to jomsom  that takes 20 minutes from pokhara. 

Upper mustang trekking Guide: Any restriction areas trekking need a license holder trekking guide.  

Trek features
Total duration: 20 days
Trek duration: 12 days
Max elevation: 4,320m/15,170ft
Trek grading: Moderate to strenuous
Trek style: Fully supported trek
Best season: March-October
Trek starts/ends: Jomsom
Accommodation: 7 nights in hotels on bed and breakfast and rest in tented camp with breakfast, lunch and dinner

Trip highlights

Discover the hidden Himalayan kingdom
Witness amazing landscape
Deepest gorge in the world
Amazing Himalayan views
Traditional village king
Trans Himalayan parts of Nepal
Oldest monastery in the world
Tibetan culture in Nepal
Annual tiji festival
mud cave and murals

Outline itinerary

Tour days
Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel
Day 02: Explore the best of Kathmandu (1,300m/4,264ft)
Day 03: Trek briefing and preparations

Trek days

Day 04: Fly or drive to Pokhara/explore around
Day 05: Fly to Jomsom (2,710m/8,889ft) and commence trek to trek to Marpha (2,640m/8,659ft)
Day 06: Trek to Kagbeni (2,800m/9,184ft)
Day 07: Trek to Chele (3,050m/10,004ft)
Day 08: Trek to Geling (3,570m/11,710ft)
Day 09: Trek to Charang (3,570m/11,710ft)
Day 10: Trek to Lo Manthang (3,809m/12,494ft)
Day 11: Explore Lo Manthang (3,890m/12,759ft)
Day 12: Excursions to Tsoser (3,850m/12,628ft)
Day 13: Trek to Dhakmar (3,820m/12,530ft)
Day 14: Trek to Syangboche (3,800m/12,464ft)
Day 15: Trek to Chhusang (2,980m/9,774ft)
Day 16: Trek to Jomsom (2,710m/8,889ft)
Day 17: Fly to Pokhara (820m/2,690ft)

Return to Kathmandu

Day 18: Fly or drive to Kathmandu
Day 19: Rest day/farewell dinner
Day 20: Trip concludes

Why upper mustang trekking make a expensive restriction areas in Nepal?

There are many question about the restriction areas and expensive fee about the upper mustang. Main important things about the upper mustang trekking restriction areas is it is the Tibet outside the Tibetan boundary. It is unique places where is pure ancient cultures of Tibet and traditional  King of local king. 

Upper Mustang trekking inquiry:

Hello, my wife and I are interested in trekking in Mustang.  However, we only have a total of 2 weeks, including travel time from and to the USA.  Do you have shorter treks there then the one you are showing?  Thanks, Craig Thompson


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Cave of upper mustang in Chosaer, site trip from Lomangthang on the day of rest. 

My experience about the upper mustang:
Upper mustang a imaginary cultural Tibetan destination in Nepal. At the time of the beginning my carrier as a trekking guide , I heard about this trip. Things was  about 2000 Ad. In the surface level I see four trekkers who  are back on the way to up upper mustang trekking. I know the Guide  was contemporary guide of that trekking agency. I did not have license even lack of Guide , I have chances to become a guide. There was Guide, cook, porter  and all the management tent other accessory things. I was curious why they are back from the on the way to mustang trekking. I only heard jomsom also mustang. Later I know mustang district Barrier from Beni  tatopani (magdi)from Ghasa and depart the upper mustang from Kagbeni , a police check post for checking the permit of the upper mustang. Porter of that group ( I was guide that time)become today successful business of trekking and now I see they are active member of Trekking agent association of Nepal(TAAN). Boss of the trekking agency who managed the upper mustang trek very angry to the porter  and cook because of their drunkard and noisy behavior the trip of mustang cancelled from the way. Like now a days that time was not tea house in upper mustang plus there is a system have to compulsion to sent a Government officer in a upper mustang because it is restriction areas. Trekking upper mustang was expensive because of extra government official, cook, porter  and all organize group. This time I personally happy elimination  of the legion officer system and facility to the tea houses most of the trekking areas of Nepal.
I use to ask other fellow trekkers about the geography of the upper mustang. Some body told me it is resembles like a Annapurna base camp, some body  given another example. To say very honest I been upper mustang on 16 September 2015. Can you imagine? I had long dream since 200 A.D. but time did not favors.  It is wonderful I thought myself it took 15 years been to the upper mustang lomanthang a cultural kingdom of local king.  I  did try many times to go upper mustang , because I been many times jomsom muktianth trip and Annapurna circuit treks. After passing the throng la I used to meet many trekkers  who are going to upper mustang. Once time I meet the person who  are going to make a documentary about the Tiji festival. He was not frank like other trekkers. I realize he have a promising mission of that trip to lomangthang for Documentary. Like every person certainly  his heart hide a great ambition to success and popular his documentary of upper mustang.
My Trip to upper mustang on September 16, 2015, photos taken in Choser(site trip from Lomangthang)

How I get a Chance to go upper mustang 2015

We did Dhaulagari circuit trekking in a post monsoon season 2015. We started  September 3,2015 and and finished 2015 on sept 2015. We finished at Marpha Dhaulagiri circuit trek then I grabbed the chances to go upper mustang trekking. I heard upper mustang trekking have a jeep riding facility. Then  I used my certain time to glance the upper mustang and imaginary kingdom of Lomangthang. Before upper mustang trekking I need help by the map to give reply of the inquiry for the customer. Two inquiry I give asking the fellow trekking agency  friend. So that as a point of business view it is  very important to go upper mustang.  I become to happy at the beginning of journey of upper mustang. For the Nepali people no need timms card, Annapurna conservation area entry fee and expensive upper mustang trek. Actually Nepali trekkers save $540 usd because they have no pay the restriction permit of upper mustang.  I thinking this so I did not feel the private and solo trek myself to the upper mustang. By chance I got jeep from jomsom mustang to Chusang. Even I like to walk from kagbeni it was getting late. I pay Rs. 3565 NPR for the jeep to Chusang. OH! Very nice views of  Red mud hills around Chusang. I meet local villager, Government workers, police man and some trekkers tourist.
iam in the office in Kathmandu

Next morning I woke up  and planning to go upper mustang by jeep. First jeep was 8 A.M. I was still confusion the jeep route follow the original trekking route and village of upper mustang. I pay Rs. 1500 NPR for committee jeep which is leave at 8 P.M. One jeep took me 20 minutes disntace and I get down for another jeep which is another site of the River. There is no  bridge for jeep just bridge for man. This is just down to Chele. Then jeep drive up to Chele village but from Chele village jeep route is another site of the le Gekar. Jeep driver told me local  people of Chele and Gekar enemy because of the water  drain. Chele people force to construction road another far from the Gekar. Because of this route of the jeep very long and dangerous between samar and chele village. I see number of trekkers pass the original route just above the Gekar. Jeep driver stop jeep at samar , we had tea and coffee at the Hotel himalai in samar. I told them I come just to look the group for the future trekkers. Hotel owners of samar donot charge the money of tea and coffee for me because they want  future customer from me. We had just two people from Chusang to samar. One person who work at local village samar and chusang , get down in Samar. One Buddhist boy ride a jeep from Samar , again we become two people. Routes of  the jeep follows just above the samar. After Samar village we again change the jeep  near vena  tea break point. I see one driver who had cow boy hat , who wait us to carry to Lomangthang.
Beautiful landscape of upper mustang

        I was amuse to take a photo of the landcape, route and village of the upper mustang. I was front site of the jeep, then that makes easy to take a picture very easily. Then jeep move up and down to the village synbouchen. From Synabouche just 2 minutes stop jeep for handed the things. Again little bit up and down the jeep to the village of Gilling. Driver still did not stop the jeep because he like to stop in the Charang village. Gilling is the first village I see big from Chusang. There was red mud monastery at the lap of red mud hills in the Gilling. Village was typical, scenic  and interesting. Then jeep move up from the Gilling  village and reach at the top point of the Gilling. We see bicycle trekkers and some group of trekekrs slowly up and down. After some time jeep countious to the Ghami tea house village of upper mustang. Hours by  hours landscape was very nice, amusing and fascinating me. Ghami has long mani walls , I see Japanese hospital another side of the small brook of Ghami. After Ghami again jeep climb up and reach at the top again down to the village of Charang. We had nice and excellent launch at Charang. Local villagers were repairing the  Chinese motorbike, air was little thin and meet the grouping local people there. I take a rice curry and meat which is cost Rs. 320 NPR. Very tasty mountain goat meat and nice tuburoug Beer which is unbeliable cheap prices compare to jomsom, pokhara and Kathmandu. Beer cost rs. 320 NPR even upper mustang is remote from there. Iam conscious about the altitude sickness because I was directly jeep to up whining 4 hours from Chusang. But I had confidence I did Dhampus peak , French pass, Dhaulagiri base camp. So I move my mentality to the views of  landscape culture and asking about the way to go Damodar kunda. Local people of Chusang says there are many holy man go to Damodar kunda from Charang to via luri village. I become more impressive from this. Because   Damodar kund is the sources of the water of Holy kali Gandarki  River. 
Photos By Naba Thapa-Guide plus trekking agent from Kathmandu

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Why need a Guide for the Upper mustang trekking?

Why need a Guide for the Upper mustang trekking? First things about the necessary of the Guide in Upper mustang,it is obliged due to the restriction area trekking in Nepal.Trekking Guide of Nepal considered as the non paid ambassador of Nepal. To apply the permit of the upper mustang there should be submit a document(license of the Guide) and his insurance.Even getting a permit of mustang it is not your choice to go mustang without Guide.Some trekkers they want permit and pay the money(Salary)of the Guide but not want to take a Guide. You cannot enter from the check point of the mustang without guide even you have a permit. People hire a Guide for the Good direction of the culture and way of the trip.As all the Guide of Nepal local,It is self confident and security.

How much cost Upper mustang trekking Permit?
Upper mustang restriction permit  issue from the immigration of Nepal. It is like a visa but it is not stick in your passport. It need a original passport to get a Paper visa of the Upper mustang.There is need a at least 6 month validity of your passport to get the Upper mustang trek permit. After this other general permit like a Timms card ,ACAP entry fee slip. Timms card cost for the upper mustang $10 usd, Annpuarna conservation entry fee $ 20 usd, restrication permit cost $500 usd for the 10 days.

Types of Upper mustang transportation and cost

Plane: You can go to Jomsom by plane from Pokhara for the upper mustang trek. After finished trip of mustang you can back from Plane as well as. round trip you can buy a plane ticket.
Bus: It is possible all the way bus to Jomsom from Kathmandu and Pokhara. from jomsom it is chances to go Upper mustang by Jeep. so, jeep,plane, bus are the transportation of the Upper mustang trek Nepal. Cost of jeep , bus and plane price are quite different.

Upper mustang trekking Itinerary:
Upper mustang trekking itinerary subject to change because of the Bus and Jeep facility. but it is compulsion minimum 10 days permit. You can extend the days to the  border of the Tibet and Damodar Kunda. if it is not possible within 10 days out from Mustang, you can ride a jeep from Charang and Lomangthang. Transporation and extend the trip will make the different itinerary of the upper mustang trek Nepal.

What is the best season for the Upper mustang trekking?
Expect winter season , all the season are the best season for Upper mustang trekking Nepal. Upper mustang also categorize the summer trekking in Nepal. Due to the rain shadow areas,Even july and August also best time to trek there. September,October and November are the best season to trek in Upper mustang Nepal. Most of the trekkers doing a trek that time.

How i book Upper mustang trekking?
-You can inquiry our upper mustang organizing agency in Kathmandu by email,whatsapp,Viber. then we together discuss to make the tailor made itinerary and quoting the price.After quoting the price , it is necessary sent a advance for the mustang trip.After getting the advance, then we sent the confirmation email for the booking. when you come here , we need original passport for the last process of the trekking permit of upper mustang.

What is the cost of the upper mustang Guide  

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