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Manasulu trekking

Welcome to Manaslu Tsum valley  trekking

Why Manaslu trekking popular more than other trekking

If you go Tsum valley it need 7 days extra time more than only Annapurna circuit itinerary and extra permit of Tsum valley. After one and half and hours walking from phillim there is coming a section to go Tsum valley where you can see the offical board and map of Tsum valley. 
Manaslu trekking in the base of the mount Manaslu ,near the Samagaon village manaslu
Starting point of Manaslu trek:Arughat
End point of Manaslu trek-Dharapani(on the way to Annapurna circuit trek)
Option after manaslu trekking-To continue Annapurna circuit  or Back to Kathmandu by jeep
Extension of manaslu trek-two days rest in samagaon to explore the culture , visit manaslu base camp, Monstery, Birendra lake
Itinerary of trek-flexible 12 days to 15 days
Cost of manaslu trek-12 days package $1050,,$60 per day if day additional. 

Guide of Manaslu trek-license holder , experience and guide from Manaslu region.
Manaslu trek Agency-Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p)Ltd 

Even other trekking are equally important as the manaslu trekking, it take a new height recently than other trekking areas in Nepal. first simple thing, it is connecting to the Annapurna circuit and flexible for the thorng la  and no need a timms card. ACAP already need even manaslu trekking. Manaslu is the remote trekking near from Kathmandu and pokhara where you feel Tibetan culture after the Tibet. Third issue for popularity of the manaslu trekking increasing number of the tea house which facilitate the travel light.  you can trek the manaslu without heavy backpack. tea house trekking is flourished after tea house establishment in Dharmashala (larkya phedhi). after doing the Tsum valley trekking, you have chance to go Manaslu trekking. thats why in my experience and views manaslu trekking is the popular trekking among other trekking in Nepal. 

I explore the manaslu trekking since 7 years. since my house is there, and i involved the same profession, i think it is my duty and hobby to introduce and sharing my experience about manaslu areas. I myself guide and opearating many groups trip in manaslu , i like to write my views from my words. some are useful tips about the itineary  i posted in this blog. I think it will help your ideas. if some things more, you can freely mail and contact me. 

15 day manaslu trekking itinerary, 12 days manaslu trekking itinerary, 19 day manaslu tsum valley trekking, cost of manaslu trekking Nepal, Manaslu trekking cost,guide and permit. Manaslu 8 the highest mountain on planet, climbed by the Japanese team in 1956 even for the trekking group get permission after 1991. It is like a Tibet outside the boarder of the Tibet. Nurbi and Tsum people are the main ethnic group in the main part of the manaslu region. Samagaon  lies in the heart  of the mount. manaslu. since opening the lodge in Dharmashala (Base camp of the Larkya) tea house trekking opening and become popular very soon. 
12 day manaslu trekking starting from Arughat and end at Dharapani. In the 12 days itinerary of the manaslu there are particular rest point in Samagaon. then samdo can access launch  hours that will be enough time for acclimatization. 
Samagaon , the base of the mount. Manaslu

14 day manaslu trekking itinerary have 2 rest day during the trekking of the manaslu circuit. Samagaon and samdo included the acclimatization in 14 days itinerary of the Manaslu trekking campaign. 
 In 15 day manaslu trekking itineary there is 1 day slow walk that means short camp. This is for the explore and more site trip specially the popular village Prok which is before the Ghat. You see the different angle of the mount manaslu ranges or mansri himalayan  ranges. if any body ask the best itinerary of the manaslu trekking we recommendation this. In our previous manaslu experience research with the trekkers, this itinerary is well balance for the physical fitness, acclimatization, site trip. You can do more or less than 15 days manaslu trekking, 15 days have time without rush and research environment. There are 1 days rest in samagaon and another day is at Samdo. Samagaon for the Manaslu base camp , samdo for the Tibetan boarder excursions. 

Hot water Tap in Manaslu trekking Nepal(Tatopani)

Manaslu trekking  lies  is the remote part of the Gurkha. It expanded the area of the tibetan point.   mount. Manaslu is the 8 highest mountain in the earh. Manaslu means the spirit of the heart. which means in nepali benevolent , heartfelt feelings. manaslu area is the declared as a conversation area in 1998, it covers the area of 1663 sq km. It touched the gorkha and manang district and tibetan part. from the lower to upper part of the manaslu trekking we found the diverse culture, land Calendar scape follows the upstream of the Burigandaki river. It is geographically a spectacular and culturally a fascinating places. highest part of this trek is Larke pass(5,213m)which is excellent dramatic Himalaya pass. 
Upper part of the Marsyandi valley there are Tibetan people in Nurphi. They have still same kind of the dress, language, life style as before. Arughat is  the starting point of the trekking, and Beshishar is the Ending point of this. Passing through the exotic or pristine Buddhist village of sama gaon, sirdibas and samdo. Cross to the larke and decend to the marsyandi valley route of the Annapurna. Altitude ranges of the manaslu  area is 600 m to 8163 m height. 

flora and fauna in manaslu
fauna:33 specices of mammals, 110 specices of birds, 11 specices of butterflies,3 specices of reptiles.
flora:-2000 specices of plants, 11 types of forest, 50 specices of useful plant. 

The manaslu region Arughat to larke has six climatic zones: Troptical,(1000m below) subtriptical(1000 to 2000, )temparate(2000 to 3000), subalpine3000 to 4000), alpine(4000 to 5000) and arctic.According to the climate there are same kind of the plants found. 

Itineary of the manaslu Tsum valley  trekking:
  1. Arrive in nepal, then transfer to Hotel
  2. sightseeing in kathmandu valley and preparation  for the trek
  3. Drive to Arughat -500m ,6 hrs by bus
  4. Arughat to Arkhet-700m,4 hrs
  5. Arkhet to labubensi,700m,5hr
  6. labubenshi to tatopani-800m,5-6hr.
  7. Tatopani to sirdibas-
  8. sirdibas to nyyak-1550m, 6-7hrs
  9. Ngyak to namru-2440m, 6-7 hrs
  10. namru to lhogaon-300m,4-5hrs
  11. lhogaon to samagaon -3450m.5-6hrs
  12. samagaon to samdo-3900m, 4-5hrs
  13. Rest day in Samdo
  14. Samdo to Larke Bazzar, crossing larke pass 5213m, trek down to bhimtang 3800m
  15. Bhimthang to Karche-2550m,
  16. Karche to Dharapani
  17. Dharapani to jagat
  18. Jagat to Bhulbhule
  19. Bhulbhule to Benshishar, then treks ends here. 
  20. Drive benshishar to kathmandu 6 hrs by bus.
  21. free day in kathmandu, celebration the party of the trek
  22. Deparature of your home. 

Manaslu trekking permit: 
1. Manaslu trekking permit cost at least $70 usd for 10 days. After 10 days per day cost $10 per person. 
2. Manaslu trekking with throngla possible within 1 week because of the bus facility from benshiar to Chame. 

Alternative route for the manaslu circuit trekking we  manage. People always start the manaslu circuit trekking from arughat so we suggest that be a unique than others. We think this our option of the route of the manaslu  trekking Nepal. You have chance to visit the old capital of Nepal and its capital Gorkha palace. You see the mount. Manaslu when you are looking the northern side form the Gorkha palace. Hanging the big mass of the ice or ice pillar on the horizon. Then you are figure out where you are going. From lower manaslu there are visible manaslu ranges many points. Just next side of the manaslu there is a samagaon village. Explore gorkha headquarters , it  is a Darjeeling of Nepal after  Palpa. After Darshan the Gorkhnath you  reach the Nareshwor home stay. Then it takes 2 days to reach the Barpak home stay, it is famous for the village of the gorkha soldiers. Now a days there are both internal  and external tourism flourished. Then you can join the Khorla besnshi , which is from Arughat 2 days walking distance. Dharahi river are the popular river which is following the southern parts of the manaslu.

Manaslu trekking guide: we have all rounder guide in our agency. For the Manaslu trekking we have local guide who already trained from the government of Nepal.  It will help the local economy if you hire a local guide even all Nepal are tourist places. manaslu guide either from the local or any part of the world he must be know the local culture, places. Researcher about the manaslu trekking areas become the manaslu guide. in this activity he or she capable give abundant information. 

Manaslu circuit and Manaslu base camp trek:You are automatically circuit manaslu circuit even you back to Kathamndu by bus after reaching the samagaon and larkya pass. In other words, after larkya la  even you countinue or throng la or back to kathmandu via Benshiar it automatically circle the mt. manaslu , the height highest mountain on the planet. Same gaon is the base camp village of the manaslu however there is the site trip to the glacier base camp. It will be the day trip in the acclimatization day in manaslu treks. for the climbers there are advance base camp which is above the normal base camp.

Why are focusing manaslu circuit trek: 
Manaslu trek is the potential trekking areas which is middle annapurna and langtang himalays. even it is remote it is not far, just of the geography it seems remote. After camping trekking, this time tea house become more popular. it is the mini tibet in Nepal and boundry is so close from Nepal. There are Tsum and Nubri culutre highlighted. After crossing larkya la no need further permit to continue annapurna trekking. It is very beautiful areas upstream of Buri Gandaki and Atharasya khola. Manaslu is the common interesting trekking point plus our home town is from there so we focusing the manaslu trekking areas. 
Inquiry for the manaslu trekking

Title: Mr.

First Name: darshan

Name: sonik

E-Mail: sevensonik@yahoo.com

Subject: Manaslu trek

Message: we are 2 persons group and want to the cicuit. we will be arriving Kathmandu on october 5 . We have
seen Kathmandu several times and would like to go to Arughat same day and do the trek in a flexible way. We need transportation from airport, permit, guide and one porter and then transport back to kathmandu airport . Let me know if you assist with its cost.

Street: 4916 steele way fair oaks

ZIP: 95628

Town: fair oaks california

Dear sir,

thanks very much about the inquiry for the manaslu trekking. October 5 is the Monday. In the final process of the manaslu permit , we need original passport. to show  permit section(immigration office)so, if your flight is official time 10 AM to -4 Pm. we can process your permit application in the first phase by the photocopy of the passport and scanning copy of the 4  Pp size photo . At the final stage there is need a original passport. so, here is two alternative things for you. You have to start on October 6 trekking or your flight landing before 1 Pm in Kathmandu so that same days.
Second things there is a bus to Arughat only in the morning time, other time you have to hire a jeep to Arughat or soti khola. so, first i have to know  your flight time  or seclude.  I like to ask you , you hire a jeep or going by bus.  from Dharapani or after finished the manaslu trekking there is possible sharing jeep. so, in my views it is better to  go Arughat on 6 october for the cheap transportation. It is around $250 usd for the Jeep. but at the time of the back Dharapani to Benshiar it is $20 per person.
         As  you know the permit cost of the manaslu  $70 for the restriction permit, ACAP and MCAP cost $40(together)

Guide and porter cost per person per day $25. we give the 15 days trekking itinerary so, 15 days guide and porter Total salary $750 usd(Both person)
Restriction  permit service charge $50 usd per person. Because restriction areas there is tax and vat have to pay the government from the agency.

if you do this in package it cost $1150 usd per person, including tax vat, guide, permit, food, transportation for the manaslu trekking.
   if you have any confusion about this and any question about guide and trail as well as tea house let me know. Keep and  touch.

Best Regards,
Naba Thapa
Mountain Air Adventures(p.)Ltd.
Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal.

Faq about the Manaslu trekking
What is the best season for the manaslu trekking?
Who will be the guide of the manaslu trekking?
What is the cost of the manaslu trekking
How i make the permit for the manaslu trek?
what is the itinerary of the Manaslu trekking?

What is the best season for Manaslu trekking?
-from middle of the march to May is the good season for manaslu trekking for the spring season. In the case of autumn September to November are best season for manaslu trekking. 

Who will be Guide of the manaslu trekking?
experience guide who already been there or local people who have best knowledge and have a government license will become the guide of the manaslu. It is your choice to interview the guide. we manage the facility to select the guide for the manaslu trekking Nepal. 

What is the cost of the manaslu trekking?
Since manaslu trekking, one of the flexible trekking in Nepal, itinerary will be different. however cost of the manaslu trekking depend upon types of the transporation(jeep or bus),number of field staff, number of people in a group. we manage the best price for your manaslu trip in Nepal. 

What is the permit of the manaslu trekking?
-Manaslu restriction fee which is $70 for one week in autumn($50 for spring season), There are manaslu conservation area fee(MCAP) cost NPR 2000, another is ACAP(Annapurna conservation) because after passing larkya la you are going to the Annapurna. 

What is the itinerary of the manaslu trekking?
-we have 12 days to 15 days itinerary for the manaslu trekking. Itinerary will be flexible. 

Guide hiring  charge Paying $30 usd per day  is cheaper than Package trip of Manaslu trekking
In the package include Breakfast, Launch and Dinner. There is not included Desert, Juice and extra tea and coffee. In my experience so that most of the trekkers will not happy. If there are Guide hiring and buying a permit, in that cases,Every body will be happy. In the package there are include and exclude the things, so hiring a guide and paying extra service charge to pay the tax and vat for the  Government. $30 usd is the cheaper you feel after finished the trip of Manaslu. In my 15 years experience budget trekkers or travellers become happy if they are paying their food and accommodation themselves. 

Reviews of the Manaslu trekking:
I reviews the manaslu trekking many times in my blog. I been there Manaslu base camp as well as the Larkya pass many times. I felt difficult days from Dharmashala to larkya pass. Dharmashala to Larkya pass difficult because of the high altitude. And down from the Larkya pass, it is difficult till the Bhimtang because all the way down and some places are slippery if there are snow. i feel difficult from Ghat to Namrung.From Deng to reach Namrung it is the tight itinerary take a whole days.From Namrung way is easier just it is up after Lho. there are up and down after Lho village then coming to Shayala then 2 hours to the Samagaon. Many travel book and blog reviews about the Sama village which is base of the Mount. Manaslu.Samagaon to samdo is just 3 hours different. Because of the more tourist in the manaslu trekking now economic of the local people also very good. 

Manaslu trekking without Package
Manaslu trekking without package just hiring a Guide possible. Without package guide cost per day $30 usd and in the package there are include the Guide, food,accommodation ,Government tax,vat etc. 14 Days manaslu trekking cost $1050 usd per person. some blog and forum frequently asking the question about manaslu trekking without package.we frequently said ,Manaslu trekking without package is possible but without guide  impossible.
I meet some trekkers go manaslu trekking,they just pay the half money of  the guide but donot take the Guide. Check post of the Jagat donot enter them to go further up and check post of the Manaslu phone the office who make the permit of the manaslu but office know already this things they didnot response the call. Again from Samagaon and Samdo police check post , phone to the agency again they didnot response the call. trekkers are the customer,so they are always right. but trekking agency of manaslu must clear the future coming problem in the case of no sending the Guide. so, we always give right information  and if any things happen , we will take the 100 percent responsibility. Our Manaslu trek agency always take 100 percent response about the trek.

Why Manaslu trekking become so popular in a short time?
From 2011 Manaslu trek take a high step and popularity as a tea house trekking in Nepal. Before there was no Hotel in Dharmashala and other areas.Just there was a local lodges and camping trekkers used no hotels. After Dharmasha la and other places established the hotel then  lots of tea house trekkers coming like a other popular tea house trek in Nepal. Second reason increasing more tourist are road access to the Annapurna region. 

How i book the Manaslu trekking Nepal?

You first inquire us about the about the manaslu. we make the permit before you coming , some times need a original passport  at that time final process of the permit get immediately as soon as shows the passport. After fixed the price and itinerary you have to send the advance for this trip so that we can book a HOtel, and fixed a Guide. 

Honeymoon in Nepal
mustang trek
Manaslu trekking

Booking  a home stay in Nepal, Mountains  home  is running by the home stay family in Nepal Kathmandu. Home stay in Nepal give you the best ideas of the explore the Nepalese culture by giving face to face and eyewitness experience.  lets  for  grab  the opportunity  to study the Nepalese life style. 
Manaslu trekking Nepal 

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