Friday, June 26, 2009

Garbage management information in the mountain nepal

Garbage Information in nepal mountain
Garbage Information
1. Disposable in the Khumbu Region which can be incinerated or are biodegradable:
a. Toilet paper
Disposable goods down from base camp and to be disposed in the presence of Chairman or Ward Member of the concerned Village Development Committee. Similarly, recycling materials should be brought back to Kathmandu and hand-over to a prescribed agency for recycling. The re-exportable goods should be dispatched from Nepal to their respective countries and deposit amounts refunded.
b. Cardboard boxes and paper waste
c. Bamboo baskets and mats
d. Cotton and jute bags
e. Spoiled food
f. Dead bodies
2. Recycling materials:
a. Tins, bottles jars and plastic containers
The liaison officer will be responsible to enforce the above mentioned procedures. Similarly, the leader and headman will be liable to perform the above mentioned task in cooperation with the liaison officer.
b. Plastic and foil bags and sheetings
c. Reusable cooking gas cylinders
d. Gas Canisters
3. Re-exportable goods:
a. Used oxygen bottles
b. Used batteries
c. Climbing equipment such as tents, personal gear etc.
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