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Upper mustang trek

Upper mustang world heritage site trek

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Trekking facts sheet of the Upper mustang trekking.
Trekking price: $1250 usd
 Trekking type: Tea house
Trekking grade: Medium / Hard
 Trekking duration: 15 (days)
 People in group: 2+

Upper mustang trekking itinerary, upper mustang
permit, mustang trekking guide and pacakge
Upper mustang trekking more important because of the unique cultural issue and barren windy geographical territorial. Unique regional kingdom of the Lho at the part of the upper mustang. There is still allowances the local king by the government of Nepal.  The Home Ministry of Nepal opened the Upper Mustang region for trekkers in October 1991. The region of the Kaligandaki, from the Tibetan border south to Kagbeni, is generally referred to as "Upper Mustang". It is a rare privilege to trek in Upper Mustang. In many ways, a trek into Upper Mustang is similar to trekking in Tibet. The way of life of true mountain people can be experienced here cut off for years from the rest of Nepal. So, it is also called the district across the Himalayas. The settlements are scattered with little sign of cultivation between villages. Upper Mustang, being in the Himalayan rain shadow, is one of the few parts of the country that are suitable to trek during the monsoon period even. The Upper Kaligandaki valley is still quite dry with occasional rainfall.

Local people of the upper mustang main income resources is animal husbandry such as sheep, goat  then agriculture is another  income sources of the mustang trekking.  Now a days growing number of the tourism support the alternative economy for the upper mustang. upper mustang is the tibet in Nepal outside the boundary of the tibet. Mainly sakypa Buddhism is flourished in the region of the upper mustang areas which is quite ancient religion practice.

 Day 01 Kathmandu to Pokhara (200 km/ 6-7 hours): Drive by bus/car or fly. 
Day 02 Pokhara to Jomsom to Kagbeni (2860m): Fly and trek. 
Day 03 Kagbeni to Chele (3060m): Trek. 
Day 04 Chele to Geling (3510m): Trek.
 Day 05 Geling to Charang (3620m): Trek.
 Day 06 Charang to LO Manthang (3890m): Trek. 
Day 07 LO Manthang: Excursion to Loori Gompa, Fa, Tang, Sukhad, Yaradhara, Sarad, Chhoser, Chhongdup & Tingkar.
 Day 10 LO Manthang to Ghami via Gekar: Trek.
 Day 11 Ghami to Samar (3160 m): Trek.
 Day 12 Samar to Kagbeni (2800): Trek.
 Day 13 Kagbeni to Jomsom (2750m): Trek.
 Day 14 Jomsom to Pokhara: Fly.
 Day 15 Pokhara to Kathmandu (200 km/ 6-7 hours): Drive by bus/car or fly. 

Tiji festival in upper mustang: Tiji festival is the annual great festival in the upper mustang trekking. It is held after winter , about the end of the may. many trekkers like to go there for the annual tiji festival to explore the culture and custom. 
Upper mustang trekking itinerary: Upper mustang  trekking itinerary modified many ways. mainly if you have 10 days trekking it is enough  upper mustang trekking. upper mustang trekking itinerary is your choice if you like to extend than more than 10 days. 
Upper mustang trekking Permit:Upper mustang trekking trekking have even expensive trekking permit, it is one of  the living cultural heritage in the world. Upper mustang trekking cost $500 usd for 10 days. 

Upper mustang trekking guide: for the guide of the upper mustang it is important experience license holder trekking guide. trekking guide hiring cost is varying  accoridng to the goup size. 
Upper mustang trekking cost: cost of the upper mustang depend upon the service, number of days, itinerary. 10 days upper mustang trekking cost $1250 per person usd. 

Upper mustang one of the cultural and traditional trekking Nepal. Tibetan community loba stay at that region. Still there are direct trade with Tibet which is just 20 km jeep road from lomangthang. Before Dalai lama exile India from Tibet upper mustang leading a business between India and Tibet. Till 18 century mustang is the independent kingdom . In 2008 post of the local king from government of Nepal  cut off even local people of mustang regarded the past king as their own king.

  Present king of mustang married in the Lasha aristocratic family of Tibet. Shepherd of the upper mustang take the cattle up to the Tibet. They have deep relationship with the people of neighboring Tibet. Most of the local people are winter  migrated  to Pokhara and India for the seasonal trade. Main trekking season of upper mustang trekking from March to October. 

Some More Photos about Upper mustang trekking

Upper mustang trekking
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