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Sundarijal-nagarkot trekking

Sundarijal Nagarkot trekking

if you like to trekking in Nepal but  have a few times, in that condition you can choices sundarijal Nagarkot trekking in Nepal. This trekking is near from the Kathmandu valley. Actually, sundarijal Nagarkot trekking is the base upon kahtmandu valley loop or around the rim of the Kathmandu valley. It takes 3 days to do sundarijal nagarkot trekking. sundarijal is the starting point of the trekking and Nagarkot or chanunarayan is the ending point of  the trekking in of the chisapani nagrkot trekking. It need a timms card plus Shivapuri conservation areas permit which is cost Rs. 250 rupees. 
Trekking price:
Trekking type:
Teahouse / Camping
Trekking grade:
Trekking duration:
3 (days)
People in group:
The trek starts at Sundarijal and follows the water supply pipeline north up a steep stone stairway. A big watershed area will be seen here, the reservoir from where most of Kathmandu's water is piped. It is a famous place for picnickers also. The path continues through Tamang village and dense forest. The last part of journey is Nagarkot, a favourite destination for many visitors to Nepal. There are some excellent views of the mountains to be seen from the ridge top. On the third and last day, the trek ends at Changunarayan, the oldest temple in Nepal. A journey to Kathmandu via Bhaktapur city will be rewarding.
Day 01
Kathmandu to Sundarijal to Chisopani: Drive and trek.
Day 02
Chisopani to Nagarkot: Trek.
Day 03
Nagarkot to Changunarayan to Kathmandu: Trek and drive.
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