Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rolwaling trekking

Trekking price:
Trekking type:
Trekking grade:
Medium / Hard
Trekking duration:
22 (days)
People in group:
This valley borders with Khumbu region to the East, the Helambu region to the West and the dry Tibetan Plateau to the North. The valley becomes forested first with lush and juniper and pines at the higher elevation. The settlements of Na and Beding are Sherpa villages. Finally, the trek ends at Charikot to drive back to Kathmandu.
Day 01
Kathmandu to Barabise (1080m): Drive by bus/jeep.
Day 02
Barabise to Kabre (1605 m): Trek.
Day 03
Kabre to Dolangsa (2510m): Trek.
Day 04
Dolangsa to Tinsang~La pass (3319m) and camp: Trek.
Day 05
Tinsang~La pass to Chilankha (1925 m): Trek.
Day 06
Chilankha to Bulung (1890 m): Trek.
Day 07
Bulung to Shalu (1500 m): Trek.
Day 08
Shalu to Simigaon (1990 m): Trek.
Day 09
Simigaon to Sakpa (2660m): Trek.
Day 10
Sakpa to Nyamare: Trek.
Day 11
Nyamare to Beding (3690 m): Trek.
Day 12
Beding to Na (4180 m): Trek.
Day 13
Rest day at Na: Excursion.
Day 14
Na to Nyamare: Trek.
Day 15
Nyamare to Sakpa: Trek.
Day 16
Sakpa to Chet chet (1390m): Trek.
Day 17
Chet chet to Thare (1980m): Trek.
Day 18
Thare to Bulung: Trek.
Day 19
Bulung to Singati (950m): Trek.
Day 20
Singati to Dolakha (1660m): Trek
Day 21
Dolakha to Charikot/KTM: Possibility to drive back to KTM or trek.
Day 22
Charikot to Kathmandu: Drive by bus/jeep.
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