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Rara lake trekking tours information 

Rara lake trekking permit, Rara lake trekking itinerary, Rara lake trekking guide organized by Mountain Air Guided Adventures, Just email us-nabathapa@yahoo.com

Rara Lake tour Package by Jeep
Because of the bus and Jeep road to Rara Lake both domestic and international tourist increase for the Rara Lake trek. It become very flexible travel destination because of choice transportation facility. Alternatively, you can trek to rara lake from Sinja valley or Jumla. Jeep tour cost Rara Lake Package :

It is better 6 person in one Jeep for comfort and easy Rara lake tours and travel. Package cost of Rara Lake includes food ,accommodation,transpiration by jeep during the 6 night 7 days trek and tours in Rara Lake from Kathmandu Nepal.
if you are only one person like to reservation the Rara lake tour with Jeep it cost Rs. 90,500 NPR for 6 night 7 days Rara lake tours and travel. if you have friend and possible to 6 people ,cost of Rara Lake tours will be very cheaper. 1 people cost for Rara lake tours Rs. 24000 NPR, Rara lake tours cost Rs. 50000 NPR if there are 2 people in a group. 6 Person total price cost Rs. 144000 NPR.  
How to reach Rara lake or Transportation for Rara lake tour
This time concrete airport in Talcha Airport gateway to the Rara lake. You can fly to Talcha airport from Nepaljunj or Surkhet. It takes 35 minutes to access Rara by domestic flight which is daily Operates from Nepalgunj and Surkhet. This is the best way direct access to Rara lake. Secondary way to reach rara lake is from Jumla. You can fly to jumla both Nepalgunj and Surkhet. From Jumla to Rara takes two days trekking. Danphe Lagna and Ghochhi lake is the physically exercising part to reach rara lake from Jumla. Beginning part of the lake from Talcha Airport , takes 2 hours then further one hours to reach park headquarters.

Beside the domestic fly , you can reach Rara lake by Karnali highways. Even it is long and Narrow road drives it gives you sense of adventures and geographical features ,Knowledge about this region. From Kathmandu to Jumla Khalanga 817 km long road distance. Still there are two option starting point of the Rara lake. Nagma Jumla is 31 km ahead from the district headquarters Khalanga Jumla. From Nagma jumla you can reach Rara lake by two days walk or ride a Suraj truck in dry season or renting a jeep. From Jumla Khalanga also two days to reach Rara lake by trek. You can hire four wheel jeep to drive unpaved road. We recommendation trekking to feel the life and culture as well as face the view point of Danphe langa and Gochhi  Langa(hill). There are also possible by bicycle riding and motor Bike riding for the Challenging option.

Kathmandu to Rara lake by bus
There are direct bus to Jumla Kalanga or Jumla Nagma(Jumla Nagma is 31 km ahead from Khalanga,district headquarters of Jumla. Kathmandu to Jumla is 817.80 km far from Kathmandu. it takes 27 hours to reach Jumla Khalanga and 24 hours for the Nagma Jumla.
         There are new rule make by Karnali highway commitee or administrative office. After kalikot there is no permit night bus to Jumla after 6 PM. To protect from accident Government makes this rule. Kathamndu to Surkhet 580 km road distance takes 13 hours to access. from Surkhet to kalikot 242 km because of the narrow Road and many bends takes 7 hours. Then from Manma(kalikot district headquarters ) 78 km distance takes 3-5 hrs. After reach Khalanga or Nagma you can hire Jeep or ride a Suraj truck to go Rara lake if you donot want to walk 2 days. Road is unpaved and tired to ride.

Kathmandu to Surkhet-580 km Road distance-13 hrs bus Drive
Surkhet to kalikot Manma-242 km-7 hrs Drive
kalikot Manma(Manma is district hq of kalikot) to Jumla khalanga 78 km road distance-5 hrs Bus.

Talcha Airpot to Rara lake
Talcha Airport also said Rara Airport. From Talcha airport it takes 3 hours to reach Rara lake headquarters and Hotel in Rara lake called Danphe Hotel. within 1.5 hrs you reach the beginning point of the Rara lake from Talcha Airport then amusing the View of Rara , you can circle the lake, boating in the lake.
from Nepaljunj it is 35 minutes fly to Rara airpoort Talcha. Tara Air, Goma Air, Makalu Air have a regular fly to Talcha from Nepalgunj.

Jumla to Rara Lake 
From jumla it takes 2 days to reach Rara lake for average trekkers. 3 days trek will be comfort and recommendation.
Itinerary of the Rara lake trek from Jumla
1.Kathmandu to Nepaljung by bus or fly from kathmandu overnight stay in Nepalgunj
2. Nepaljunj to Jumla fly then explore the Jumla bazzar
3. Jumla to Danphe Langa
4. Danphe Lagna to Bhulbhule
5.Bhulbhule to Rara lake
6. Explore the Rara lake
7. Rara lake to Talcha
8. Talcha to Nepalgunj fly then night bus or fly to Kathmandu.

Rara lake trekking permit, Rara lake trekking guide, Rara lake trekking Itinerary, Rara lake trekking package Trekking price:
 Trekking type: Camping
 Trekking grade: Medium / Hard
Trekking duration: 13 (days)
 People in group: 2+
 Rara Lake lies in the remote Karnali region, North West of Kathmandu and the area surrounding the lake was declared a National Park in 1976. Rara Lake has the distinction of being the largest lake in Nepal. The lake is the obvious focal point of the park where some well preserved forest and abundance of wildlife are found in the protected area. The lake is situated at 2990 meters above the sea level but within the park area there is a viewpoint called Chuchemara Peak (4039m) gives a spectacular view over the Himalayas on the horizon.

Permit fee and National Park fee of the Rara lake:
 There are two types of the documentation needed for the Rara lake trekking. for authorized the  trekking in Rara lake, trekkers have to book the trip government licensed agency , then they make your first important document rara lake restriction permit. After this , apply for the national park entry fee. Rara lake permit cost $90 usd per week , then $15 usd per person per day if you like to extension the days to the rara lake trip in Nepal. Rara National park fee $3000 per person and for the SAARAC Nationality it cost Rs 1500 NPR per person for the 7 days.

Updating rule of the permit of Rara lake
This time no need to restriction of the rara lake permit. Just you need a join trekking agency, timms card, Rara National park entry fee.
 Itinerary of the Rara lake trekking:
 Day 01 Kathmandu to Nepalgunj: Fly.
Day 02 Nepalgunj to Jumla: Fly.
 Day 03 Jumla to Danphe Lagna (3130m):
 Day 04 Danphe Lagna to Chahutha (3183m): Trek.
Day 05 Chahutha to Dhotu (2380m): Trek.
 Day 06 Dhotu to Rara Lake (3060m): Trek.
Day 07 Rara Lake: Excursion and rest day around Rara Lake.
 Day 09 Rara Lake to Gorosingha (3190m): Trek.
 Day 10 Gorosingha to Sinja (2440m): Trek.
 Day 11 Sinja to Jaljala Chaur (3270m): Trek.
Day 12 Jaljala Chaur to Jumla (2370m): Trek.
Day 13 Jumla to Nepalgunj and Kathmandu: Fly.
Rara lake trekking permit: Rara lake trekking need a special permit from the government of Nepal.
Rara lake trekking package: we provide the cheapest  Rara lake trekking package.
Rara lake trekking guide: Rara lake trekking guide have huge experience all over Nepal.
How much for Rara Lake trekking package
Rara lake trekking package cost depend upon the number of days travel in  rara lake, types of the hotel and mode of the transportation. This time possible to go Rara lake both air and land. By land to go Jumla it takes about 27 hours. Flight ticket cost from Nepalgunj to jumla flight ticket cost 7500, from jumla to Nepalgunj it cost 3800 Rupees. Food and accommodation cost depend upon the places. Due to the district headquarters

Recent trend of Travel Rara Lake by Nepalese People:
This time  number of Nepalese people are more than foreign people for the Rara Lake trekking. Due to the road facility to the jumla from Kathmandu Rara lake trek more popular. social networking  and  fashion to updating news of the travel in facebook, twitter enthusiasm to travel unique and new places so that  more traveller increasing to travel the new places.

Jeep tour itinerary of the Rara Lake tour:
6 night 7 days jeep reservation from Kathmandu to Rara Lake tour
Kathmandu to kalikot
Kalikot to Sinja valley
Sinja valley to Rara Lake
Rest day in Rara lake
Rarea lake to Jumla
Jumla to Surkhet
Surkhet to Kathmandu
Different itinerary of the Rara lake
1. Nepalgunj to Talcha airport fly then walk to Rara lake
2. Rest day in Rara lake
3. Rara lake to Choutha
4. Choutha to Jumla
5. Look around the jumla
6. Jumla to Surkhet bus
7. Surkhet to kathamndu by bus.

Jumla to Rara lake and Sinja valley:
Bus or fly to Jumla
Bus takes 2 days to reach jumla only. Flight to jumla from Nepalgunj , then you can save one day than bus. There will be morning flight and during the day and next day you can go to the way of the Rara lakes.
Jumla to Choutha:
To reach coutha it takes one full day. In case if you not reach there are  places at kavara or Naurighat. Generally it become the launch time in Danphe Lagna. Then 2 hours  down to Naurighat then 2 hours up to kavara after that it takes only 1 hours to reach the choutha.
Choutha to  Rara lakes:
From choutha way is up to the Bhulbhule first phase where is checkpoint of the Rara Naitonal park. Then way to up to the ghouch ko lek it takes aobut one hours then down to two hours . Then again walking 2 Pina and Jhari going to coming. After jhari if time permitted you can go to Rara lake directly.
Rest day in the Rara lake:
It is the days of the retreatment for the body. You can slightly rest, look around and choice able hiking . this day is refreshment as well as explore the Rara lakes.

Rara lake home stay trek:
Either you go Rara lake by plane or bus there are facility to home stay . People those are going Rara lake by bus they have option to start from Nagma Jumla. You can stay first day in sinja valley which is source of the  Nepalese language. Then, second day it is better to stay in the Bhulbule. Third day better to stay in the Dotu or go to Rara lake. Where you are going you see the home stay type of the local shop. You can stay in the local houses where is opportunity to stay in the local lodges. Rara lake connect to the people from Kathmandu to Jumla and mugu. Specially this time local tourism or domestic tourism  increasing  to go Rara lake treks Nepal. It is very amazing that even it is remote place , food and accommodation very cheap because of the newly home stay facility.
Flight ticket to Talcha airport from Nepalgunj 8560
Flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla 7550.

Bus ticket cost from Kathmandu to Jumla  RS 2700

Rara Lake trekking package for college and university student
we organize the trip to Rara lake for student research program or holiday making. Student of university of Nepal and other country frequently going to Rara lake trip for the adventure holiday. we make a budget trip for the student group for the Rara lake trip in Nepal. 

Alternative way for the lifestyle when travelling in Nepal will be possible by Booking  a home stay in Nepal. Mountains  home  is running by the home stay family in Nepal kathmandu. Home stay in Nepal give you the best ideas of the explore the Nepalese culture by giving face to face and eyewitness experience.  lets book  home stay in Nepal for  grab  the opportunity  to study the Nepalese life style. After home stay again you can come back hotel with helps to clear picture of the Nepal living ideas. 

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