Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Nagarjun hill hiking day tours

Nagarjun hill listed the top most hiking destination around the Kathmandu valley. In the speaking language it is said Nagarjun but Nagarjuna has its pure name. Lonely planet book covers photo taken from the temple of the Nagarjuna hill. Hiking and trekking popular not only international travelers  but now a days hiking to Nagarjuna hills from the College and School student from the Kathmandu valley. Now a days ,Shivapuri and Nagarjun forest hills combination as the Nagarjuna Shivapuri National park. Some times hikers confuse about this.In my experience,Shivapuri hill is more longest hiking and Nagarjun is the shortest, easiest and closest  hiking point around Kathmandu valley Nepal. There are 17 km  jeep and motorbike road  from down to top. But it is just 5 km vertical stair trials from bottom of the Nagarjun to top. One and half hours up and 45 minutes down.
Nagarjuna hill hiking is the best and short hiking tours around the Kathmandu valley as well as the nearest hiking destination from Kathmandu valley. If anybody looking the nearest and best hiking point from the center Nagarjuna hill will be recommended in all websites. Nagarjun hill ! Nagarjun hill why it is said Nagarjuna hill? Buddhist Guru Nagarjuna mediation in the top of the hills ,so it is called the Nagarjuna hills(more about Nagarjuna hills you can read the Wikipedia).
Faq about the Nagarjuna hiking tours
What is the shortest hiking tours in Kathmandu?
What is the Easy family hiking tours around Kathmandu valley?
Why go to Nagarjuna hiking?
Is there launch and breakfast available in the Nagarjuna hills?
Is there compulsion to hire a guide for Nagarjuna hills?
What is the distance from Thamel to go Nagarjuna hills?
Is there any entry fee for the Nagarjuna hill hiking?
How difficult the Nagarjuna hill hiking?
What is the transportation for Nagarjuna hills?
What is the total cost of Nagarjuna hill hiking?

Significant to hike  Nagarjuna hill hiking Kathmandu
Shortest hiking tours around the Kathmandu valley
Suitable for the family hiking tours in Kathmandu Nepal
Light pack launch at the time of hiking
Practice and physical judgement for long trekking Nepal
Recreation and refreshment from daily routine.
Easy and Cheap transportation than other hiking areas
Easy to climb up because of stone stairs and easy to down
Cheap and eco friendly hiking routes
Near from the city center and easy transportation from Patan,kritipur,Bhaktapur

Cheap entrance fee and cheap price to hire a Guide

Monday, February 20, 2017

Kathmandu to Goa tour package

Kathmandu to Goa tour Package
Kathmandu to Goa tour package itinerary by plane or train. It takes more time and days if you go Goa by train and Bus. You reach within 1 day flight to goa if you go by flight. Air Indigo and jet  airways is the  regular flight to Delhi and Goa from Kathmandu. There are no direct flight and Bus from Kathmandu to go Goa. Kathmandu to Delhi flight then Delhi to Goa connecting flight is the Goa tour itinerary plane. We make the 3 night 4 days goa tour itinerary after arrival the Goa. Green City Travel and tours organized the Goa tour package from Kathmandu Nepal. We already organized group Goa tour package for College and university student. Special and discount Goa tour package for student educational tour from Kathmandu Nepal. Specialized and organized the Goa tour package By the Green city travel and tours from Kathmandu Nepal.
Goa tour itinerary by bus and train more longer than the flight. To go Delhi by bus from Kathmandu takes 30 hours then train to Goa also takes 22 to 25 hours from Delhi to Goa. After arrival Goa,then pick up by car from 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Kathmandu to Langtang Bus ticket

Most of the Langtang valley trekkers searching the transportation service to Langtang valley trekking. Due to the nearest trekking point langtang treks become popular for the international trekkers. Every day Bus and jeep rental facility and daily deluxe bus to starting point of the langtang valley trek Nepal.

Kathmandu to Sabrubesi bus service means  Kathmandu to Langtang bus ticket. Sabrubesi is the Starting  point of the Langtang valley trek. There are daily  deluxe bus facility to Sabrubesi from Kathmandu Nepal. It take 7-9 hours to reach sabrubeshi from Kathmandu by bus. Langtang valley is the nearest trekking areas from Kathmandu Nepal. There are express and local bus running daily from Kathmandu to Langtang region. In the Bus route there are Timms card and langtang permit checking counter. Not only bus but there are Jeep reservation and booking service to Langtang valley trekking. 
How i book the langtang valley trek bus ticket, if you have confusing and searching the way of the transporation contact and phone us then, we book instant  bus ticket to Langtang valley trek. 

Bus Ticket for Everest base camp trek

Bus Ticket for Everest base camp trek:
Bus to Phaplu and Salleri is the Bus ticket for Everest base camp trek. Salleri and Phaplu is the nearest bus station from all Everest trek Nepal.Prices of the Bus ticket ranges from $15 to $20 usd. Kathmandu to Salleri bus is the alternative transportation from Kathmandu to Lukla flight. 
How I go Kathmandu to Everest trek by bus or flight and from where I got the bus ticket to go starting point of the Everest trek Nepal. Most of the Everest trek travelers looking for the bus route to go Everest base camp trek. Flight of the Everest usually delay and expensive so travelers choices to bus if there are no fly. Bus to Jiri Bhandar was the Nearest bus station from the Everest base camp but this days Phaplu and Salleri become the Nearest bus station from Everest base camp. It Is only 10 hours bus distance from Kathmandu to Salleri and Phaplu for Everest trek transportations. There are regular bus and Jeep service facility from Kathmandu bus station. Jeep cost $25 USD and Bus prices to salleri cost $20 usd. Our agency has bus reservation service to Everest base camp trek. It is your choice to go other region of the Everest trek Nepal.
How I reservation the Bus ticket from Kathmandu to Phaplu?
What is the cost of the Bus and Jeep ticket to Everest?

Distance from Kathmandu to Phapul and Salleri